Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet Victory

Do you remember how I told you that Lily will go from loving a food for days on end and then one day, with no advance warning whatsoever, that same food will become horrid to her?

Like bacon?

Well, the latest food to meet the same fate as bacon is vanilla soy yogurt.

And while it's annoying to have this ongoing love/hate relationship with certain foods, the despised yogurt presents more than just one less food the Bird will eat.

See, I've been sneaking two of her crushed medications in that yogurt.

So I'm stuck with trying to disguise the blasted pills in yet another food item that will, one - disguise the taste, and two, ensure she's getting all of said pill.

And then I had a stroke of pure genius, if I do say so myself.

While searching for some treats that Lily could have every now and then, I discovered that the lowly Junior Mint is within Dr. Goldberg's diet protocol. 

Look very closely at the picture below and see if you can tell what I did:

If you looked at that photo and thought....

" I know exactly what she did!  She took a shish-kebab skewer and dug a small hole into the center of a couple of Junior Mints.  Then she took that tiny bit of crushed up pill and "injected" it into those tiny holes.  Then she mixed the "special" Junior Mints in with a few regular candies and fed them to Lily.  I just know that's what she did!"

.....then you would be 100% correct.

I performed successful candy surgery.

My kid ate the "special" Junior Mints right alongside the regular ones without batting an eyelash.

Score one for Mom!

Of course, this will only work until the day she decides she loathes Junior Mints....



  1. *I* loathe junior mints, so don't even THINK you'll get away with slippin' me a rufy in THOSE.

  2. Jim - My feelings are hurt! A rufy? Really? I would never.... A little Ex-Lax maybe.....

  3. Oh my god, back when you were preggers, did you ever for a second think that you'd be doing bizarre things like skewering Junior Mints so you could hide a crushed up medication inside to sneak to your kid?? Some of the things we have to do, we sound like lunatics.

    Good times, good times.

    Good job, mama. I hope you don't run out of soft foods for your covert medication missions.

  4. That is great!!! Except for, you know, when she decides she's done with mints and you have about 3 billion boxes left in your stash. When that happens, call me. I'll take a few of those off your hands...

    Seriously??? YAY!

  5. I'm totally stealing this one!! Tootles also just recently started the "fake gag" for his Dora strawberry yogurt where I put his meds... Junior Mints, here I come!!

    I never really ate Junior Mints so I don't know whether they are delightful or not but I do know Toots loves a good green mint chocolate cupcake - so worth a try!

    (My other standard is ice cream - I'm guessing that's not on Lily's diet!)

  6. Sneaky and smart!

    I know just what you mean by the food jags. Sigh. Cam only has about 10 foods he'll eat at a time. I'm actually reading blogs right now trying to waste time while I think about what else I can buy him at the store. All I've got right now in my mind is turkey dogs and peanut butter. How is this kid surviving?!

  7. You are stealth a Ninja bunny...oh..and I am NEVER eating candy that you offer me....just sayin


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