Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Need to Read

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs, Love That Max, and had to pass it along to you.  Since so many of us are big-time readers, I knew this would be easy win - help a kid out while doing something you love.

And since I'm super lazy, I simply stole Ellen's description of the campaign rather than re-writing it myself: 

List your favorite books, help a kid in need: Scholastic recently kicked off the One Million Bookprints for One Million Books campaign, an initiative to donate one million books in need through the nonprofit Reach Out and Read.  When you join You Are What You Read, you make a "Bookprint"—a list of 5 books that have shaped your life. Both kids and adults can do it. For every Bookprint, Scholastic Book Clubs donates a book to kids in need, distributed through pediatrician offices around the country.

You can also check out the Bookprints of some famous people,too, like Taylor Swift, Bobbi Brown, The Jonas Brothers, and Eli Manning. 

Thanks, Ellen, for letting me borrow your words.  And if you haven't discovered Love That Max yet, you really need to check it out.  It's amazing and you will love it!

Thursday and Friday, we'll talk more about the electronics versus toys issue going on in the Rush house now.

But for now, go make that Bookprint and spread the word!


  1. Every day, I learn something new from you! And it's always interesting or fun or both! Thanks, Lana - definitely going to do this one! :)

  2. Awesome!! I will steal your words, that you stole, and plant them on my site tomorrow!!

  3. Very cool! Thanks for letting me know about it!


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