Monday, January 9, 2012

Easing Into The Week... with Pizza

I don't know about you but, we have had a weekend at the Rush house!

And I'm not talking about the nice, relaxing kind, either.

Without going into all the gory details, I'll just tell you that I don't have enough brain cells to compose anything too life-changing at the moment.

Instead, how about I give you a pizza recipe that just might change your life?

It's not my original recipe so I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Last week, I finished an amazing, wonderful, thought-provoking book called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.  Click here to read the description if you're interested.  I'm sure I'll be referencing it in other posts to come.

Let me say that I took much, much more from the book than the following recipe - the only recipe in the book and such a small aside, the really deep thinking readers probably glossed right over it.

But the concepts in the book plus this pizza sauce recipe will certainly rock your world.

Pizza Sauce
Courtesy of Jen Hatmaker

Saute 3 garlic cloves and 1 tsp. red pepper flakes in 1/4 c. of good olive oil for 3-4 minutes.  Add one 28 ounce can of Muir Glen organic crushed tomatoes (must be this brand according to Jen and I certainly didn't argue with her). Stir then simmer for five minutes, add salt and pepper to taste, along with a bunch of chopped fresh basil.  Heat through.  Spread on pizza crust.  Use any leftover sauce for dunking pizza crusts - or eating with a spoon, in my case!

Trust me, it is worth taking those few extra minutes to make this sauce.  Nothing in a jar tastes this good.

Now, I love this recipe for Pizza Crust from Barefoot Contessa.  It's my all-time favorite.

But I cannot tell a lie.

I did not make homemade pizza crust this weekend.

Instead, I purchased homemade pizza crusts from Cafe on the Run at my local HEB grocery store.  So to my way of thinking, it was still homemade, just not made in my home by my hands.

Here's how I put the pizza together:

I spread that yummy sauce on that homemade pizza crust.
I placed some lightly sauteed red and green peppers and onions on top of that sauce.
Next, slices of fresh mozzarella cheese.
Then, a few pieces of pepperoni.
Last, I placed it directly on my oven rack at 400 degrees and baked until it looked done to me.

I sliced it up.

I took a bite.

And I died.

The end.


I didn't actually die.

But my tastebuds felt like they were in heaven.  And yours will, too!

Come on people!

Make those tummies happy.

Make some pizza.


  1. That sounds good. I soooo wish my kid would eat pizza with cheese or anything on it. He'll eat pizza with Walmart's make your own crust and generic sauce. That's it. Sigh. I may try your recipe for me though, that sounds great!

    PS--I hope this week is better or calmer than the weekend. :)

  2. That pizza is making my tummy growl...

    And really, had you made the homemade crust too? Well, I think you know how I would have felt. You did see my Christmas cookies, right? ;)

    Here's to a better week! Go get a Chai tea, woman! That will always make it better!

  3. What was up with this weekend?! Have you seen my post yet? Ironic.

  4. We make pizza dough about once every two months or so and split it into little balls and each make our own Pizza. Emma loves it because she can put as much or as little sauce on it as she wants, and put whatever toppings on it that she wants. . . and it's fun.

    Sometimes we double up and have the cousins over and they all make their own pizzas and bond. Good stuff.

  5. I have heard awesome things about Jen's book. It's on my list, but I'm interested to hear what you thought.

  6. Okay I just made pizza yesterday and ate the last of it today. I didn't use sauce, I just chopped a tomato. Your sauce sounds AMAZING! And I used some kind of pizza flat bread.

    But now I'm intrigued. I'm making this sauce. I just need to find that brand. Wil let you know how it goes :)

    Thanks for stopping by AutismWonderland!

    ~ Lisa

  7. Lizbeth - I guess I should've clarified that my kids ate disgusting Pizza Quik sauce with only pepperoni & cheese - no veggies. They have no taste!

    Karen - I didn't make the homemade crust just for you.... :)

    Allie - It is!

    Suzanne - I did read your post. My weekend didn't have as many stories are yours but yes, something was in the air between Austin & Detroit, I think.....

    Jim - I agree, pizza parties are guaranteed kid pleasers....

    Cecilia - I think you'll like the book. The key is to tailor it to your life and not attempt to follow it exactly as its written. I'm sure I'll be writing about it more in the next couple of weeks.

    Lisa - Happy to visit your blog - thanks for the comment! You're going to love the pizza sauce!


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