Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Squirrels and Sisters

So before I begin today's actual post, I need to let you know something that happened this morning.

I got up, made breakfast, packed lunches and headed out to take Lily to school.

Just like usual.

I dressed in my "faux work-out attire" and ran to the bank and the grocery store.

As I was pulling back in my garage, I noticed something in the front yard.  

Yesterday was trash day so I figured it was something that had blown out of someone's can.

As I walked over to pick it up, I realized with growing horror that it was not trash but rather a dead squirrel.  And I don't mean like all squashed up and bloody.  I mean, like the thing laid down to take a nap and just never woke up.  His eyes are even still open.  


I know all the poor little mamas who are taking their sweet babies for walks in the neighborhood are probably freakin' out at the sight of death in my front yard.  It's pretty close to the sidewalk and he's pretty large for a squirrel.  You really can't miss it.  

But I can tell you this... he's staying right where he is until Ryan gets home because I am not touching it.  Not even with gloves.  Or a shovel.  

No sir. 

Rodent removal was not in my wedding vows or my job description or anything that I feel even remotely responsible for.   

I'm just going to move on about my day, unload my groceries, do some laundry and hope my front yard doesn't attract some lovely buzzards before Ryan gets home.

That would just be the icing on this rodent cake.

Now, on to the real post, which has nothing at all to do with squirrel death.

Lily was in a rare mood last Sunday afternoon.  She was actually quite calm and relaxed.  After eating lunch at home, she headed upstairs with Ryley for a little "sister time".

There was some reading....

and much snuggling and smooching.

It was a sweet thing to see.


  1. First....rodent removal is SOOO in wedding vows..You remember..."To have and to hold, from this day forward, all rodents and pests, in sickness and in health..."
    Just sayin'

    second....much cuteness on the sister love....sigh*

  2. I'm with you Lana on the Rodent removal...UGH! There are just some things you have to draw a line on...LOL. Pictures were so sweet of Ryley and Lily.


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