Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday List

I have quite a few things to tell you today but nothing is really connected so rather than trying to make nicely flowing paragraphs, I give you.... the Friday list.

1.     Last night, I dreamed about a pedicure.  Well, honestly, I dreamed that I completely forgot how bad my feet look and while I was wearing shoes that were closed toe, they were open in the back so you could see my heels.  In my dream, I was absolutely mortified to look down at my feet and see my ugly heels exposed for all the world to see.  I don't think I need to see a dream interpreter to tell me the meaning of this.... it's time for a pedicure.  I even have a gift certificate from a sweet friend to get one for free, for crying out loud! I will be going next week so I can sleep in peace.

2.     Have you seen that the original Taco Flavor Doritos are back on grocery store shelves?

These are the chips I grew up on, before chips were all fancy.  All I need to go with them is a bologna sandwich and some Luv-it jeans and I'm back in the 5th grade all over again.

3.     Yesterday,  I bought Lily the cutest pair of Toms shoes.  They look like this:
Purple Youth Sparkles

I  hate to brag (not really) but she looks so stinkin' cute in them!  I'll try and get a picture up for you this weekend.  I think she actually likes them, too because she keeps picking up her feet to look at them and she never really pays attention to shoes.  But really.  What little girl doesn't like purple sparkles?

4.     I came across something yesterday that I thought might be helpful for anyone interested in purchasing apps for augmentative and alternative communication.  Click here for a list of every AAC app out there right now (of course, someone's probably inventing one as I write this!) along with features and pricing information.

Now I'm off to watch my big girls in their first ever powder puff football game.  Pictures will definitely be posted tomorrow.

Told you nothing went together today.



  1. That's funny....I had a dream about you getting a pedi....:)

  2. Espy - I totally forgot your dream is how I ended up with a pedi gift certificate in the first place! Do you think God is trying to tell us that pedis are Biblical???

  3. Re: AAC, Stephen Fry was promoting this app as part of Autism Awareness Month. Big benefits: it is free, easily customisable, and works on both Apple and Android.

    He also promoted this app for helping dyslexic/dyscalculic kids learn multiplication.

    They're both possibly a bit too old for Lily yet, but I'm sure there are people you know who would love to know about them.

  4. Thanks for the AAC info. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find out information!

  5. No problem! I'm a highly verbal spectrum adult with an interest in AAC, and I know some of the gadgets, apps and programs out there are diabolically expensive.


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