Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've Got Bieber Fever!

Want to see something depressing?  Check this out: 

           5 pm
          96° F

          6 pm
          93° F

          7 pm
          92° F

          8 pm
          89° F

          9 pm
          83° F
          10 pm
          80° F

           11 pm
          78° F

I can't seem to get this little weather chart centered and fitting within the margins here.  I know it looks a little "off" but I'm not a techie and I give up.

This is the forecast for the rest of today here in Austin.  Are you seeing those temps?  And it's just April. I would not be at all surprised to see desert animals wandering through my backyard.

The only good thing on that forecast is the slight potential for rain tonight because we so desperately need it.  Of course, it will feel like a sauna in the morning, minus the soothing spa-like music and dim lights.  A definite ponytail day.

It is seriously too hot for me to come up with anything of much depth today - not that Justin Bieber is not a very deep topic!  Hopefully tomorrow I can wow you with something truly amazing.

In case you don't know who Justin Bieber is (and you don't have any pre-teen daughters or granddaughters handy), he's a 17 year old pop singer from Canada who pretty much got discovered by youtube videos his mom posted.  He has quite the female following.

Meeting Justin is one of the most requested "wishes" for the Make a Wish Foundation.  Four "wish recipients" recently appeared in Justin's "Pray" music video and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Need another reason to become a fan?

How about this?

Justin is a Christian and is pro-life.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he stated that he believes abortion is wrong and is "killing a baby".  Click here to read more on that and the resulting media backlash.

Here's a neat interview with Justin Bieber's mom that gives us a little more insight into this young man's strong foundation.

While I promise not to wear a Bieber Fever t-shirt or break down in tears should I ever get to meet Justin, I do have a new respect for this young man.

Since we need look no further than Miley Cyrus or Jessica Simpson for less than stellar Christian role models, I'm really hoping that Justin Bieber continues to grow in popularity while managing to keep his faith intact and continuing to be a positive role model for today's kids.

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