Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She's Got The Look

I've got a pretty awesome surprise for you today.

Go ahead.  

Click on it right now.  

Don't read any further until you click on it, ok?

Notice anything special?

You got it!  

That's our Lily Bird right there on the cover!

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, Lily's school is the feature story, along with its' founder, Dr. Domonique Randall, a wonderful Christian woman who feels a strong calling to help special needs children.

If you click on the cover, you can read the magazine a page at a time.  That way you can also see the picture of Lily on the Table of Contents page, as well as two more photos in the article about her school. There are some shots of her school friends, too.

Sidenote:  If you happen to look at some back issues, you might notice that Lily's dad graced the Austin Faith and Family Magazine cover in February 2011.  What can I say?  We'll try not to let the celebrity status go to our heads - unless it means a private box at all UT sporting events, of course.

We are thankful that Lily loves going to school, that she is so well taken care of by Dr. Randall and her therapists, and is learning so much every day.

But going to school can be hard work for a 4 year old.  Just look at this picture of her ride home yesterday:

Wonder why this one didn't make the magazine?

If you live in Austin, you can pick up your very own issue of Austin Faith and Family magazine at any HEB or Randalls.

That is, if I haven't taken them all first!


  1. I knew she was cover girl material.

  2. What a great picture! She is just too cute. I don't blame you (now that you are celebrity parents) for buying up all the magazines! Can we have Lily's autograph...LOL!

  3. Maybe we can arrange for a magazine signing event - that is, if I can get Lily to scribble with the crayon instead of sampling it!


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