Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am A Disgrace.... And Other Details

First of all, I want to let you know that the dead squirrel is no longer a decorative fixture in my front yard.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor Scott, I didn't even have to witness its departure.

Secondly, I heard from both my mom and my little brother yesterday, letting me know what a wimp I am.

Evidently, I have disgraced the family name because I would not simply pick up the dead squirrel, throw him over my shoulder and dispose of him myself.  I suppose I should've taken pictures as well.

Maybe next time, I can hang them along my fence line like this:

I'm sure my neighbors would love that.

So to my family, I deeply apologize for embarrassing you because I didn't want to have close contact with a dead rodent.

I'm really not a pansy.

I've used a hoe a time or two to deal with snakes.  I've killed spiders larger than my hand.  I've made scorpions and those huge, horrid, stinging centipedes sorry they crossed the threshold of my home.

But I just have a thing about rodents.  Mice, rats, squirrels.... they just give me the heebie-jeebies.  They're quick and they dart all around.  You think you have one cornered and then it just disappears. They seem to only come out at night, roaming all around your garage or scratching in the wall behind your headboard while you're trying to sleep.  And leaving disgusting evidence of everywhere they've been.

They are just nasty.

Nothing brings me greater joy than setting out glue traps with a little smear of peanut butter on them, heading off to bed, and seeing evidence of my hunting prowess the next morning.  It's not like I plan to seek and destroy.  But if a mouse gets in my garage or my attic or my basement, it's on.  And I will be the victor.

OK - I'm done talking about rodents.  I never want to speak of this subject with you again.

Let's talk some little nit-picky details regarding the blog.

I am now officially using Twitter.  And I try to tweet at least once a day.  But I only have like 10 followers.  That's just not good enough, people.  While all ten followers are super special and definitely worth tweeting for, I really want to share my wisdom-filled and insightful tweets with a larger audience. So let's make a deal.  If you're on Twitter, I'll follow you if you follow me.  Does that sound good?

And while we're on the subject, there are lots of you lurking around the blog without becoming "official" followers.  Last month, the blog had a little over 5,000 page views.  That's super duper!  I've been hanging at 59 followers for a week or so now and I'm ready to see the big 6-0 and beyond.  So if you're a faithful reader, come on and officially sign in.  Sometimes it's fun to be a follower!

On another note, in case you haven't noticed yet, I finally added some books and websites to the Resources section.  Click on it and check them out!  I'll be adding more off and on from here on out so don't forget to look periodically.

I'm also going to add a couple new recipes this afternoon in case any of you are interested.

Alright - that's all, folks.  Have a great day!


  1. I dont twitter, so I do hope you are continuing this blog with your usual writings. You write so well, you could author a book. You could use these very pages to get started. Keep up the good work and I encourage all those Lookie Lou's to become is more than worth the read!

  2. I'll follow you, if you'll follow me! ;) (You didn't give us your Twitter name, btw--I know we can click on your Twitter button, but just in case...)


  3. Teresa - everything will still be here on the blog just like usual so don't worry! Thanks for the compliment!

    Elizabeth - I will definitely follow you! And you can tell I'm a complete novice at all this technology stuff - it never even crossed my mind to put in my Twitter name! We miss your family - would love to see you and Cameron sometime...

    For anyone wondering, it's @lanalrush


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