Monday, April 25, 2011

A Peek Into Our Easter Fun

I almost couldn't wait until today to let you know that Lily actually hunted for Easter eggs!  About 4 of them to be exact!  She would pick up an egg, sit down on the grass, and open it up to get the treat inside.  Then she would stand up and move on to another egg.  

Of course, she wasn't really motivated by the eggs themselves.  It was the three Skittles that she knew would be inside thanks to our practice hunting session at home.

But that doesn't matter one bit.  Really, no kids are that excited about the cheap plastic eggs but the goodies that are inside.

And Lily loves her some Skittles so it was just the right "bribe" to get her to pick up the eggs.

It was so much fun watching her finally catch on and enjoy an Easter tradition.

Thought you might like to see some pictures of how we spent our afternoon.  After church, we headed over to Ryan's parents' house.

This is the Rush Family dressed in our Easter best.  This is the image I would like to always portray to the world - a wholesome, All-American family.

But at the risk of showing all of you a less than attractive photo of myself, this is a more realistic picture of our family.  Lily's head checking me in a not so gentle fashion and from the look on her face, she's enjoying it.

This is what we ate - enchiladas, corn and black beans, rice, and salad.  Not your traditional Easter lunch but perfect for Texas.  It was delicioso and while this photo is not my actual plate, my portion was no less dainty than this one.

Here's Lily hunting for Skittles Easter eggs!  

And here she is enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Ryan's sister, Holly, her husband, Wayne and their son, Morgan came down from Dallas to spend Easter weekend with us.

Here's Morgan hunting for eggs.

And here's Reagan looking like she totally dominated over the preschoolers in the egg hunt.  She's really just holding Lily Bird's basket.

Looking for all those eggs is sweaty work so cooling off in the sprinkler was the next activity.

Love this picture of the two cousins!

Lily's idea of the perfect way to end the afternoon?  Kicking back on the porch in a bathing suit and gardening boots with a couple youtube videos on the iPad.

It was a great Easter!


  1. Praise the Lord for Lily hunting Easter Eggs!! Kailey could have cared less about the eggs too.. the minute she found one she would open it, pull out the candy, and toss the egg back on the ground. It really is what's inside that counts!

  2. What an awesome Easter Service!! What a wonderful way to spend it after services! So proud that Lily was able to enjoy Easter "her" way and the photos were precious. Love the end picture the best I think. What a character and blessing to so many! You and Ryan are the greatest parents and I do believe Ryley and Reagan are the best sisters Lily could ever have wanted. :) Keep up the good work!! Isn't our God just the best in knowing just what is best for us!!

  3. I can totally relate to the 2nd family photo. I'm pretty sure that is how most of ours turned out. Lily is too cute hunting those eggs! Glad you had a great afternoon!

  4. Thanks for sharing. The pics tell the story of one very blessed little girl and her family!!

  5. I'm so excited that Lily hunted for the Skittles...I mean the Easter eggs! I can only imagine how much that meant to you! Practicing really pays off, right? I'm cleaning out EVERYTHING in preparation for ?...and I found Ryan's Card Board Jesus CD! Jodi

    You'll have to tell me how to set up an account...I have no idea and I always have to be "anonymous".

  6. That thrills me to no end that Lily enjoyed her Easter/Skittles treats! I know it means a lot to y'all.

    That picture of Lily banging you on the head is priceless!! You made me laugh.

    Give Ryan and all three girls a hug and hello for us. I'm so glad we can reconnect via the internet!

  7. I think Lily was just trying to fix your hair Lana...just sayin'
    Anyway...super happy that Lily had fun on her skittles hunt...I totally relate....I mean I am ONLY going to hunt for eggs if there are some faboo accessories stashed inside

  8. Some how I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have loved getting to know you and your family! I was thinking about Lily over the weekend! Really hoping that she'd find joy in finding the eggs...or at least the skittles inside! :)thanks for the update!

    Loved the real family picture too!

  9. Thanks to all of you for your sweet, sweet comments. We did have a great time watching Lily go after those eggs. It's funny how such a small thing can mean such a big deal.

    I'm glad I set aside my vanity to share the "real" family pic because I've gotten more comments (in person, email and here) on that than probably anything else I've posted before.

    Reality is certainly not always pretty, right???

    Jodi - I think it's hilarious that you found a Cardboard Jesus tape? Did you crank it up and sing along while you cleaned? I'll have to see if one of my teens can walk me through an account set-up so you don't have to remain "anonymous".

    Saras - So glad you found us. Thanks for thinking of Lily! I'll be visiting your blog, too....

    Summer - your mom told me today that Kailey left a trail of open eggs behind her!

    Kristin - would love to see a pic of Connor bonking you on the head!

    Teresa - We are so blessed to have Lily in our family. It's been a learning experience (and continues to be!) but it's a good one.

    Elizabeth - I've been checking in on your blog and am so enjoying keeping up with your family!


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