Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Lily's Getting for Christmas

Finding just the right gift for a child with special needs can be an incredible challenge.

I can't just zip into a store and grab something off the shelf.  I shop for Lily only when I have plenty of time to walk the whole store.  I do a lot of online searching.  And I look through many, many catalogs.

Every child is unique and special needs kiddos are no different.  Some love lights and music while those same things can make others cringe and cover their ears.  Some love swinging and others hate it.  Some love quiet and tedious fine motor activities like puzzles or bead lacing and others just want to run, skip, and hop.

Lily happens to love lights and music.  Her favorite toys are ones where she can push buttons, see lights come on and hear music play.

So for all those other sweet kiddos out there who share that same love, here are some things I'm considering buying for Lily this Christmas.  Maybe it'll help some of you who might be shopping for some special children of your own.

These Music to Go books are Lily's all-time favorite.  In fact, I wish I could make a deal with the manufacturer, skip the large book, and just buy the music players in bulk.  She not only plays these during the day, she must have one in her bed when she goes to sleep.  She drifts off while listening to the music. The only bad thing is that I often wake up in the middle of the night hearing the music player in the monitor, usually signaling that Lily has rolled over on top of it in her sleep.  Thankfully, it shuts itself off after a couple of songs.

<em>Music-to-Go</em> Digital <em>Music</em> Player <em>Book</em> - Dora the Explorer

Because she loves those Music to Go players so much, I think she would really like this tech trio from the Discovery Channel Store.  A smartphone, an mp3 player, and a remote control all with lights, songs, and silly sounds.  What's not to like?

Tech Set Trio

While there's no music with this laser light show, I think this item just might make Lily's head explode.  Besides, I can easily picture her big sisters composing playlists to go with the dancing lights.

This lovely fake fish tank calms Lily right down.  In fact, we've had one in the past and while it was not gently played with, it was greatly loved.  The top and bottom both came off and in a desperate attempt to prolong its life, I was able to repair it with duct tape.  It finally died on us a couple months ago.  A replacement is definitely in order.

At Thanksgiving, my sweet 19 month old nephew had one of these cute Backyardigans sports bottles that he carried around the house tucked under his arm.  Lily would bend down like she was just going to look at it, then snatch it away.  I think my sister-in-law is getting Lily one, if only to protect her son's property.  Of course, Lily will still want his, too.  Oh well....
Munchkin <em>Backyardigans</em> BPA Free <em>Sports Bottle</em> - 9 oz.

I've already purchased this Mousekadoer laptop and have it hidden in the coat closet.  While Lily will not   really follow the directions Mickey Mouse gives her, she'll enjoy the LCD screen, lights, music and endless button pushing.
Vtech 80-103900 Mousekadoer Laptop

Every time I take Lily up to the church to see her Dad, she always heads straight to the office of our Children's Minister.  She's no fool - she knows which office has all the toys and candy!  Carla has this sweet little collection of Mickey Mouse figures.  After one of our visits, Mickey was short an ear.  Carla was very sweet about it and still has one-eared Mickey on display.  I'm thinking of getting Lily her own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures but I'm pretty sure Mickey will be completely earless by New Years. Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Figure Play Set -- 6-Pc.
The last thing I'm considering fits none of Lily's criteria for a good gift.  I'm a glutton for punishment, I know.  But part of me is thinking if I can get her to sit on one of these cool plasma cars long enough to see what it does, she just might enjoy it.  Especially if I can figure out a way to install some lights and a thumpin' sound system.

Product Details

Got any more ideas?  Pass 'em along!


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