Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Clock is Ticking....

In case you're one of those people who still has some shopping to do, I wanted to pass along a very last minute gift idea.

I recently read a wonderful book called "Dancing with Max" by Emily Colson. 

Emily is the daughter of Chuck Colson, a former presidential aide to Richard Nixon and founder of Prison Fellowship.  He is a well-known speaker and radio commentator and has written several books himself.

But this particular book is Emily's story.

And what a story it is.

Emily is a single mom to Max, her 19 year old son with autism. 

Now there are many books out there that speak of children who have recovered from an autism diagnosis.  Those books are exciting to read and give hope to many of us parents.  

But what about the parents whose children keep their diagnosis?  What do you read on days when you're discouraged and heartbroken?  When you just need some encouragement whether or not your child ever recovers from autism?

You read "Dancing with Max".

I love this book because it's real.  It's full of grace, second chances, fresh starts, and unconditional love.

If you know a parent of a special needs child, get them this book.  

You won't only be giving them a book, you'll be giving them the gift of hope.  

And that's the best gift around.

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