Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He Has a Gift

So we braved the mall yesterday evening to exchange a few presents.

Ryan got two shirts and two ties from his parents.  One of the shirts was identical to one he already has so we thought we'd swap it for a different color.

I noticed when we walked in the store that all shirts were buy one, get one free.  A good deal, but since we were there to just exchange and hadn't purchased the shirt in the first place, I logically assumed it wouldn't apply to us.

After helping Ryan choose between two shirts, I left him to pay and took Lily into the mall to zip around in the stroller.

A couple minutes later, out comes Ryan with not one, but two shirts in his bag.

Somehow, using his winning personality and some serious smooth talking, he got the salesman to give him the buy one, get one free deal.

Now, there have been several moments in our marriage when I really don't appreciate Ryan's smooth talking.  Like when we're engaged in an argument.... er... discussion, I mean.

But at this particular moment, I stood there speechless, in awe of his skills.

I really don't understand why this man doesn't like to shop.

If I had that gift, I would be wreaking havoc on the world of retail.  They would be paying me by the time I left the store with bulging shopping bags.

Maybe one day he will teach me the secret....

But probably not.

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