Friday, December 17, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Would it be ok with you if I have a small pity party for just a little bit?

Thank you for saying yes.

This time of year can be especially difficult when you have a child with special needs.

The wonder and excitement of Christmas is made all the more fun when seen through the eyes of a child.

Anxiously waiting in line to visit with Santa and rattle off their wishes, truly believing this man will come down the chimney when they are fast asleep.

Helping you decorate the Christmas tree, hanging their special ornaments on the lower branches where they can see them.

Making cookies, gingerbread houses, and homemade gifts for grandparents.

Seeing them almost burst with the anticipation of tearing into beautifully wrapped presents.

Sharing the wonderful story of Baby Jesus and watching their hearts grow tender.

All those things your child cannot do or just doesn't get seem all the more magnified during this holiday season.

You can really start to feel sorry for yourself.

So here's what I'm praying for this year.  And I hope you might consider joining me in this prayer.

I want to see a glimpse of understanding in Lily at some point during Christmas.  Just the tiniest glimmer of something that lets me know that just for a moment, she "gets it".

It doesn't have to be anything major.

I'm not expecting her to ask to go see Santa.

Or to tell me the real story of Christmas.

Just something small.

Maybe wanting to open a present.  Or getting really excited about something that we unwrap for her.  Or gazing and really seeing the Christmas lights in our neighborhood when we take a walk at night.

It doesn't even have to last a long time.

Because believe me, I won't miss it if it happens!  I'll be watching for it ever so closely.

 That's all I really want for Christmas.

And I know who to ask.

Will you ask Him for me, too?


  1. Yes, I will. You're breaking my heart!

  2. I am sorry that you have to go through it. But you are a brave woman and you're special to own a special child. I am sure she thinks the same and love you to bits. I hope you had the best Christmas.


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