Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today I Will...

In case you were wondering why I haven't posted the last few days, Lily has this week off from school so she's hanging with me at the house.  I think there might be a connection between her being home and me posting on the blog.

Just a wild guess....

At the moment, she is playing with the iPad so I have about 2 minutes to tell you everything I'm going to do today.

Today I will....

  1. do all my laundry.
  2. get rid of any socks that do not have a match.
  3. take down all my Christmas decorations.
  4. re-organize the gift wrap shelf in the coat closet.
  5. take all my summer clothes upstairs and bring my winter clothes to my closet.
  6. brave the mall and exchange some Christmas gifts.
  7. make a grocery list.
  8. EAT OUT!
Why am I telling you my to-do list?  

So that I'll actually do it.

Tomorrow, feel free to ask if I finished my list.

I may not get any sleep tonight but there will be no single socks in my home come morning!

Oh wait....

Didn't I just say Lily Bird is home with me this week?

Forget it - we'll just watch TV and eat out.

Sigh.... the things we do for our kids.

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