Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Do I Bother?

Before I begin today's post, I'd like to take a moment to point out a couple things.  
First, I realize that pink and yellow plaid shorts with a Trick or Treat shirt are not the height of fashion.  Yes, Lily does own matching clothes but she wasn't wearing them at this photo shoot. 

Secondly, please do not be alarmed by the unnatural shade of Lily's hair in some of these photos.  We have not begun dying her hair - yet.  There is a reflection making her hair appear that lovely shade of red-orange.

OK, now that those little housekeeping details are taken care of, let's get down to business.

When Lily came home from school today, we put on shoes and headed to the backyard.  Putting shoes on is quite hard work and requires the use of your tongue. 

I purchased this new sand/water table for Lily earlier in the week and was waiting to kick off the weekend with it.  I felt certain much fun was on the way.

And I was right - fun was definitely being had.  No surprise but Lily's favorite part was the water.

But then Lily takes one more mouthful and begins thinking.

"Oh yeah, here's how I played with water outside before Mom got me this sand/water table that she thinks is so amazingly cool."

"I mean, why did she think I needed a sand/water table when I have a SINK???"

"Now this toy, Mom - this toy is a total thumbs up."

You'd think I'd learn!  

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