Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just This Morning

Just this morning, I woke up with a little something extra under my covers.

A little Lily Bird was in the bed with me.

Lily woke up in her bed around 12:30 AM and was not happy.  She made it abundantly clear that she did not want me in any way, shape, or form.

So Ryan had a go at it.  Lily made it abundantly clear that she did want her dad in any way, shape or form.

So I smiled sweetly at my husband, said "looks like you're the winner tonight", rolled over and started drooling into my pillow.

But Lily took it easy on her old dad and quickly fell asleep with us in our bed.

Ryan had to leave the house at some ridiculously early hour of the morning so like the good wife I am, I rose with him, got fully dressed in my pumps, hose, pearls, and shirtdress, made him a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast, packed him a nutritious lunch, and lovingly waved good-bye to him from the front door of our lovely home.


To be honest, I never even heard him leave.

I mean, I did have a baby in the bed with me that needed my tender loving care.  I was working, man!

Fast forward to a much more respectable hour of the morning.

I got up and made breakfast for the girls and packed all three lunches for the day.  I packed Lily's bag for school and finished up my grocery list.   See, I do work!

Then I went into my bedroom to wake a still snoozing Lily Bird.  She was out.  I'm talking laying on the back, both arms flung up over the head, not moving a muscle.  I think I could have vacuumed while singing opera and she wouldn't have heard a thing.

I started talking softly to her and rubbing her hair.

Insert side note here - I hesitate to touch my children when they are asleep because I still have scars from childhood when my mom would ask me to wake my little brother up.  No matter what I did, he would come up swinging, so I quickly learned to duck.  That's where I honed my mad ninja skills.  Of course, I didn't wake him up like my mom did - rubbing his back, starting his shower so the bathroom would be nice and warm for him.  Spoiled rotten kid...  I woke up to an alarm clock like a "big girl".  Mom and Dad always did like him best.  And the really unfortunate thing?  Reagan tends to be just like him when she wakes up in the morning.

Back to the post now -

Unlike my mean brother, Lily started to squirm and stretch.  Then she slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me.  This time, she made it abundantly clear that she wanted me in any way, shape, or form.

By now, we're running a little behind and the odds are good we'll be late for school.  Back when the big girls were little, I would've started hustling them along, telling them to put shoes on in the car, and generally making everyone stressed out.

But this morning, Lily wants to wake up slow.  While I'm getting her clothes on her, she bends down to make eye contact with me, then just kind of melts into me, laying her head on my shoulder.  And rather than hurrying her along, I just wrap my arms around her and let it be.  We sit like that for a couple minutes.

And guess what?  We were a couple minutes late for school.

Guess what else?  I don't care one bit!

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