Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ellie Update #3

Hey Everyone!

I've got some new news to share regarding Ellie - plus pictures!  :)

Ellie's doctor would like for her to weigh 16 lbs. before she has surgery.  Her current weight is 15 lbs. so she is very close to that goal weight!

Unless an emergency comes up, her next medical appointment will be sometime in the first week of December.  The doctor will then set a date for surgery.  It seems like such a looooong time off but I guess when you have a baby who had such a rocky start in life, it's best to wait for her to get stronger.  And while I was greatly concerned with the delay, she does seem to be gaining weight and you won't believe how much better she looks when you see the photos!  She is still small when you consider that she's two years old but wow - what a difference from the frail, sickly girl I met in August!

My oldest daughter Ryley will be going on her third Guatemala trip November 7 - 12 so she will be able to get her hands on that sweet girl and take some really good pictures for us.  Her Spanish is quite good so I'm planning to send her with some questions and see if she has more success getting answers when she's standing right there in the Rescue Center!

I'll continue to keep you posted on her progress as I receive news myself.

Enjoy the new pictures and keep praying!


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