Monday, October 25, 2010

The Rhino Song

Ever since Lily discovered television, she has been the Backyardigans #1 fan.  And I'm not talking about a fair weather fan.  I'm talking a true-blue loyal fan to her very core.  To her way of thinking, it was all that needed to be on TV.

The Backyardigans Channel.  All Backyardigans.  All the Time.

We own every DVD as well as books, stickers, toys, and the little stuffed characters.

But I'm afraid that Lily's loyalty is being tested.  She has recently discovered a new love.

You can click on the link to see for yourself what has so captured her imagination.  But I must warn you of two things first.

1.     Don't click the link with any children in the room or else you may be forced to watch it multiple times in a row the way we have been doing lately.  There have been about 5 million views of this little video and I really believe that Lily holds about 1,565,392 views herself.


2.     It is quite catchy and you may find yourself humming it at odd times during the day.

So click at your own risk.  And stay tuned for more on the Backyardigans/Rhino/Lily love triangle.


  1. Love the Rhino!!! I'm making Rhino t-shirts.....musical Rhino t-shirts...purple musical Rhino t-shirts....


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