Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seven Things I've Learned About... Food

If Lily could talk, I think this is what she would say about food.

1.     Just because I like something today does not mean I'll like it tomorrow.

2.     Twisty pretzels taste much better than stick pretzels.

3.     You can tell if a food is good simply by taking a quick glance at it on the plate.

4.     Food dropped on the floor is just one way of ensuring you have an available snack later.

5.     Yogurt is appropriate anytime of the day.

6.     You can live on carbs alone - especially pasta.

7.     Rice Chex is a "two-fer" - a great snack as well as a fun activity.  What you don't eat can be crushed into a fine powder and sprinkled on the rug under the table where it is then tracked all over the tile kitchen floor.  Then... wait for it....  Mom starts yelling things like, "Am I the only one in this house who can feel this gritty floor??? and, "I can't even walk barefoot in my own house!"  Then she runs to get the vacuum.

Ahhhhh... it's good to be queen.  Now someone fetch me a snack!


  1. We have learned from Kailey that food dropped on the floor tastes better than food on the tray!

  2. Sometimes I think Lily would prefer if we just ditched the table and all of us ate off the floor!


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