Friday, September 10, 2010

A List

Just wanted to share some great news.... in list form....

1.          It has been an awesome week, to say the least.  I have seen God's people move mountains to save the life of a little girl.  We have raised the entire $10,000 needed for her heart surgery in just 4 days.  INCREDIBLE!

2.          I have a very sweet friend who has an amazing father.  He called me yesterday and is paying for a round-trip airline ticket for me to go be with Ellie in Guatemala while she has her heart surgery.  I have been praying for a way to go be with her and this wonderful man is the answer to my prayers!

3.          I am now anxiously awaiting news of when the surgery will take place so that I can make plans for my trip.   It's going to be an amazing adventure!  Especially for this "gringa" who doesn't know enough Spanish to save her life!  But love communicates in any language and I've got plenty of that to go around.

4.          I know a fabulous, awesome, sweet, amazing, incredible Christian couple who would love to adopt Ellie.  So we are praying for God to just open door after door after door to make this possible.  I am so excited!

5.          My same sweet friend with the amazing father.... she just passed her boards yesterday and is an official nurse practitioner.  Congratulations to her!

6.          That same amazing father has offered to pay for my sweet friend (his daughter) to go along with me to Guatemala.  Her nursing experience will be a huge blessing - not to mention just getting to spend some time with my friend and sharing the wonder of Ellie together.

7.          My super husband just finished a 2 day radio campaign to raise money for a water well in Pueblo Modelo, our adopted village in Guatemala.  He raised $13,0000 - woohoo!

8.          He will continue the water well effort this Sunday morning at Bannockburn, as well as numerous other churches throughout the city of Austin.  And I just have this feeling we're going to have that $65,000 by Monday morning!  A city-wide offering.... how cool is that?

9.          And last but not least... Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  I am standing directly under the showers of His blessings and I am getting drenched!  How about you?

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