Thursday, September 16, 2010

80's Flashback

Lily's latest toy of choice takes me right back to the good ol' days.... the days of sparkly blue eye shadow, legwarmers, stirrup pants, Swatch watches, Reebok hightops, add-a-bead necklaces, Thriller, and teased bangs so stiff with hairspray they could take an eye out.

You got it... I'm "like totally" talking about the 80's!

Despite the fact that many of these and more hideous fashions are making a comeback, I remember another trend that just makes me laugh out loud.

This trend would be the boom box.

Today, every gadget boasts of being the smallest and the most lighweight.  Well, in the 80's, bigger was boss.

If you didn't have a dual cassette player with enormous speakers and all kinds of buttons and dials to adjust the bass and treble, well.... you were probably one of those poor kids, riding in the back of your parents enormous Oldsmobile, listening to Conway Twitty sing "Tight Fittin' Jeans" - a completely inappropriate song for young ears.... or any ears for that matter!

But the best thing about the boom box - it was totally portable.  Of course, you couldn't just carry it with the convenient pop-up handle, like a suitcase.  No, that wouldn't be cool at all.  You had to carry it up on one shoulder, with your arm wrapped around it to keep it up there.  Then you just strutted down the street, sharing your tunes with anyone and everyone, and lookin' fine.

Or so you thought.

I just wonder how many 40 year olds now suffer significant hearing loss in one ear, as well as an arthritic shoulder.

The boom box on the shoulder trend was something I thought I'd never see again.  But this week, I saw it.

Lily's favorite toy right now is one of those fake fish aquariums with lights and music that is supposed to hook onto the side of a baby crib.  Lily prefers to just have hers loose, so she can always have it with her.

Lo and behold, she came walking out of her bedroom the other day with that aquarium up on her shoulder and an arm wrapped around it and the music just blaring.  Now, this was a little different in that fake fish are swimming around in a softly lit box and the music was classical, but still....

My heart just swelled with pride knowing my daughter is doing her part to keep the 80's alive.

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