Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Vending Machine that Dispenses What???

Have you heard about the newest ATM machines?

Instead of dispensing cash, these machines dispense.... cupcakes!

The Sprinkles cupcake ATM, set to open in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles Bakery, a gourmet cupcake chain with ten locations nationally, will open the first ever 24 hour cupcake vending machine at the original location in Beverly Hills.

This idea got me to thinking.

While it might be nice to have access to a freshly baked cupcake at any hour of the day or night, what other things might an ATM dispense that I would love even more?

How about an Olive Garden breadstick vending machine?  With a little marinara on the side just for dipping.

Or, thanks to Miss Karen, I would love to see a Big Train vanilla chai tea latte vending machine.

Since I live in Texas, an ATM that dishes out extra thin, warm, crispy tortilla chips with a choice of salsa, queso, or guacamole would be simply lovely.

But then I got to thinking outside the idea of a food ATM.

I don't typically wear much jewelry but I hate it when I forget to put on some earrings.  So how about an earring ATM?

Or for those days when you wear a cute pair of new shoes and they really start to hurt your feet, wouldn't a vending machine with those little roll-up ballet flats be nice?

I once went to church with mascara on only one eye.  I don't have any nails to speak of but a ragged, peeling fingernail drives me crazy.  Or being without a Kleenex and desperately needing to blow my nose.  And when my Burt's Bees lip balm isn't in my purse, it almost brings me to tears.  A nice cosmetics ATM could really come in handy.

Now for Lily, a really awesome vending machine would be one that dispenses pants and a Pull-up.  It never fails that we go out, I forget an extra set and that's the day we have... ummm... multiple leakage issues.

And please don't say, "Duh, Lana.  You don't need a vending machine for any of this stuff.  Just a 24 hour Wal-Mart."  Because that's not the point.  Pulling up and not having to get out of my car is the point.  Besides, how about a little novelty just for the fun of it?

So what about you?  What would you like to see in a 24 hour ATM?  Get those wheels turning!  Maybe we'll come up with the next greatest thing in vending machines!


  1. We had sprinkles' cupcakes when we visited Chicago about a year ago. They were good. But they weren't SO GOOD I MUST HAVE THEM AGAIN NOW good.

  2. I am SO WITH YOU on the pants/pull-up machine! We could make a fortune!

  3. Gawd and I bet those things are like twenty bucks WITH a ATM (or whatever they call it for cupcakes) fee of like ten bucks so that little slice of heaven costs right around thirty bucks.

    Think I'll stick with a Betty Crocker box mix at $1.29 for 24 cupcakes.

  4. Our mall has a baby vending machine with paci's, toys, and diapers. Whoever created that is a genius!

  5. I'm digging the chips/salsa/guac vending machine. If I could get one with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly and crackers, that would be the bees knees....

    Flip-flop vending machines.

    Advil/Tylenol/Excedrine vending to the feminine products dispenser in a ladies restroom. No?

    Since my dream world has a gelato shop on every corner, much like Italy, I'm thinking a gelato vending machine (or, I can settle for good ice cream or frozen yogurt). Not sandwiches and bars, but gelato in a cone. Much like the ice cream machines at Mexican Food restaurants!


  6. Hahaha! You took the chai right out of my mouth! That would be THE BEST! I always wanted the pull up vending machine but now they actually have one in our mall at the ridiculous high price of like $5 for one pull up!! You made me think of the old Jetsons cartoon. Didnt they just tell a computer what they wanted and it would be created for them?! That would be the perfect vending machine! But a cupcake? That might just be worth a try, despite Mr. Poo-poo it up there^!

  7. I'd like a vending machine that you could click through options explaining what troubles your kids are giving you, and then it would dispense the golden solution to the problem.

    Wrapped in a fortune cookie, of course.

  8. My food one would be ice cream...although that would be messy and our DQ does have a drive-thru.
    My non-food would be books. I hate having to go IN the library to pick up one book on hold. Especially dislike dragging the kids in for again, one book on hold. Oh, wait, our library does have a pick-up window. They just don't ever have anyone man it! :/

  9. Cupcakes idea is very attractive.I like cupcakes very much.Where we find this vending machine.


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