Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adventures in Shaving Cream

As Birdie Boot Camp continues, I'm discovering that my child with sensory issues will get her hands messy if she considers the activity worth it.

Weekend before last, finger painting was a success.

This past weekend, shaving cream.  A hit.  As in, total and complete, knock-it-out-of-the-park hit.  Probably the most fun she's had at boot camp yet.

See for yourself.

Checking things out a little bit tentatively.

Getting the hang of things.

Deciding that shaving cream is pretty dadgum fun.

And, of course, as with all fun things, a quick taste is needed.  I am trying to prevent the tasting with my arm, which got slimed and then licked - a total failed effort on my part.

Shaving cream is not that tasty, but it sure is fun!

The good times didn't end here, though.

I'm not afraid to tell you we picked up the tray of foam, made it to the bathroom without touching any furniture (a small miracle!), and let her cover the shower walls.  And coat them she did.  While having a blast.  

Best news of all, though? A couple of Lily's wonderful church buddies have told me they've noticed a difference in her focus and attention.  She's participating and giving an activity a little more attention than usual.  Music to a mama's ears.

And more messy fun to come...


  1. Awesome! I can't believe you caught a picture with her tongue literally hanging out on your arm. One for the photo album, definitely! ;)

  2. I LOVE her smile on the last photo! Absolutely precious! I wonder if you'd have the same success with whip cream (or is that banned on her diet? Although, I'm pretty sure shaving cream is not on the diet either...) She is so beautiful!

    1. Experimenting with some soy whipped cream recipes - and need to make a Whole Foods run to see if they have some ready-made. Because you're 100% correct - regular whipped cream AND shaving cream are not on her diet! :)

  3. What fun!! She looked liked she had a blast. Pictures of that precious smile are keepers! I know these are precious moments for you and Ryan with Lily. What great news about her participating more with activities...that's prayer in action! :)

  4. She is having a blast! I love it!

    Does Lily have any bathtub paint? We have some sets that came with a paintbrush and the kids love to sit in the tub and paint themselves and the shower walls. It's kind of a gooey blobby texture.

    1. We had some tub paint a long time ago and she didn't really do anything with it. But after watching her with the shaving cream, I think I'll get some more. Good idea, Allie!

  5. That licking picture is priceless!! K would roll around in shaving cream if she could. She actually did at OT once when they had this shaving cream day. Ben, on the other hand, put one finger in it once and had a complete meltdown. Two opposite kids, I have...ha!


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