Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Special Request

I have a little favor to ask of you.

We had our monthly follow-up phone call with Dr. Goldberg last week.  (For those of you interested in catching up with our medical journey, click here.)

In a nutshell, we are following a very specific step-by-step protocol.  Step One, basically the foundation for the protocol, is addressing the chronic virus in Lily's brain by increasing her white blood cell count, which has been exceedingly low since Lily was born.

Since October, Lily has had three rounds of blood work done.  Each time, the results have shown that her white cell count is even lower than when we started the protocol.  

Without using too much medical lingo, basically Dr. Goldberg has been treating this low white blood cell count since October with two types of medication and for whatever reason, it's simply not working.

He has suggested we see a local pediatric immunologist but isn't really holding out much hope that they can tell us what the issue is, why it's happening, and what we can do about it.  He just wants to make sure he's not missing anything.  

Now, Dr. Goldberg still has options for us and is certainly not ready to say we've hit the end of the road.  He's not frustrated or at a dead end or anything like that.  He's already made one tweak in her meds and will be adding a new one this week.

But here's what I'm thinking:  while we have seen some positive changes, I don't think we're going to see anything really big happen until we get to the bottom of this white cell issue.  If we can figure out why her white cell count is low and take the necessary steps to improve it, then it stands to reason that we ought to see even more positive changes once this low count is no longer "holding her back".

So here's where the favor comes in.  

The Rush family could really use your prayers.   What can you be praying for the Bird?  As always, we'd love it if you would join us in the totally audacious prayer that our sweet girl will talk.  Just open up her mouth and let the words come flowing out.

But we'd also appreciate your prayers for that white blood cell count.  We want, no, we need, it to increase.  We need it to reach normal levels and stay that way.

And the God I know and love and trust and believe can do this thing!

I know this child is already a living, breathing miracle.  And maybe that should be enough.  But I am a greedy mama and I want more!  And I know just the Person to ask for more miracles from!

So many of you have been with us right from the beginning of our sweet girl's life.  Will you continue to be a part of our journey and pray for the Bird?

We thank you kindly.


  1. I believe in and love audacious prayers! I'm praying now and will continue to do so.

  2. Many prayers for your little bird coming your way.

  3. You absolutely have my thoughts and my prayers. I do hope they find a solution to the white blood cell count.

    xx Jazzy

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. You've got it, huge, audacious prayers, and He can do so much more than that. Thank you for helping us to pray specifically.

  6. FATHER GOD, we come to you PRAISING YOU for all you are doing in Lily's life right now. We are asking that you continue to lead Lana and Ryan to the right Dr. in order to have this white cell issue checked thoroughly. We also ask that you give the Dr. the wisdom and discernment he needs in order to find out what the problem and solution is in order to get Lily's white cell count up and normal. We are so excited about what YOU CAN DO and ARE DOING in Lily's life. She is such a precious blessing to all who meet her and we know she is special to YOU. YOU know the plans for her and that her parents want the very best for Lily, especially the fact they want her to talk. YOU ARE THE BEST and the LORD WHO HEALS. We submit to YOU our requests for Lily and are leaving the rest for YOU to take care of in YOUR DIVINE WISDOM. We thank YOU for the privilege of coming to YOU with all our needs. We love you Lord. In Jesus' precious name...Amen.

  7. Beautiful prayer by Teresa. Of course I will pray for Lily. I also pray that this is the right path. This strict protocol seems very hard and if it is not showing improvement perhaps supplementing it with a solid neurological work up at home in Texas may help. It will - at least give you another opinion. Please read my post today. I know that Lily and my son may have totally different kinds of autism but I have so much belief in my doctor that I want you to check out someone like him or come here!!!! xoxo. prayers are ongoing from here.

  8. Count me in to pray for these specific needs! I know God can do anything and that He wants to answer our prayers for Lily Bird. Praying now!

  9. Today my computer let me add a comment (something it hasn't allowed in weeks!). And I believe it's just so I can add my pledge to pray for these specific requests.

    Praying FERVENTLY.

  10. I'm a little late to the party, but I know that doesn't mean I can't add my voice to the prayers. As someone who also has lower white blood cell counts (not abnormal as of the last reading, but still low), I know how important it is for life and health in general to get those suckers reproducing. Blessings on The Bird. And an extra prayer for you too, mama -- for all you do to help that sweet little angel!

  11. Consider it done and done and done. Hugs.

  12. You know I will! Prayers are a powerful thing!

  13. Holding you in my thoughts and prayers.


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