Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Austin Version

The big girls' prayers were answered and we woke up to snow on the ground and no school.  If my girls needed any further proof that there is a God in Heaven and He hears us, they got it today.

We bundled up Lily in the Texas Redneck version of the snowsuit - one piece zip-up footie pajamas, fleece pajama top and bottoms over those, wool slippers, coat and hat and headed outside for her first experience with snow.

I'd love to tell you that she frolicked playfully, made snow angels, and rolled snowballs.

But that would not be truthful.

In reality, she was less than impressed.

She kept giving us the stink eye and you could clearly read her mind... "why on earth did you take me away from the warm fireplace and my iPad to stare at this freezing cold white stuff???"

This photo shows what you do when you have a runny nose from the cold and no tissue handy. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I even tried pushing up a little pile of snow around her feet and that got a little smile but not much else.

When we came back inside, Ryley got a large bowl and headed back out to collect some clean snow for eating.

This is when we finally got a reaction from the Bird.  

Ryley fixed Lily her own personal bowl of snow, gave her a spoon and plunked her down at the kitchen table.

Lily happily began eating her snow, occasionally alternating between the snow bowl and the bowl of oatmeal I fixed her.

Who knew?

The perfect way to celebrate a snow day is to bring some inside the warm house and serve it up in a bowl.

It's good to be 4. 


  1. Texas redkneck version? Girl...Lily and I must have the same stylist because that sounds mighty close to what I was wearing yesterday while I was "frolicking" in the snow. Yes...I frolic....

    And kudos to Ryley...nothing like a cold bowl of snow....mmmmm!

  2. Somehow, I knew you would be a frolicker! Did your fleece pants have cute little monkeys on them, though???

  3. I laughed because it is so typical of a 4 year old...especially the not having any kleenex picture! You are a great mom and we love your family! We have a step grandson with special needs as well as another friend who has a son with special needs..both have autistic symptoms as well. Love your blog and appreciate your "being real". Keep up the good work! It gives us just a peek at what really happens in your life and not many people could be as strong as you are in sharing what you do.


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