Thursday, February 17, 2011

We are the Champions, My Friends (Almost)

First bit of news..... a basketball update.

Yesterday, Ryan and I traveled to Longview to watch Ryley's basketball team in the first round of play-off games.... and they WON!  Woohoo!

We took back roads all the way to Longview, passing small towns like Thrall, Thorndale, Palestine.  I haven't seen that many Dairy Queens in a really long time.

We took the interstate on the way home and I discovered that Sonic dominates along the freeway.

Which confirms my suspicion that one way to tell the size of a town is by their fast food offerings:

Sonic - Somewhat Large Town
Dairy Queen (only) - Small Town

Of course, sometimes small towns take it upon themselves to offer their residents a unique choice of fast food restaurants.  For example, in the thriving metropolis of Willis where I grew up, we could choose between DQ or the Dan-dee-Dog.  It was a struggle to pick where to stop for an after-school snack, let me tell you.

Anyway, back to basketball.

We're so excited about continuing on in the play-offs except for one tiny little thing.... the next game is in Amarillo.  Nothing like a nice ten hour drive (one way!) to get you pumped up for a basketball game, right?  And nothing like athletic events to remind me what a huge state I live in.

Now, since we're on the subject of sports, I wanted to share something with you that Ryley had me read the other day.

Rick Reilly is a sports columnist for ESPN Magazine and we typically enjoy his writing.  In fact, I think Ryley would like to have his job one day.

If you've been following my blog any time at all, I think you know how much value I place on compassion.  This article is just a great example of compassion in action and using your celebrity status for more than signing autographs and getting dates with supermodels.

Share it with your kids and see what they think.

Bullied Philadelphia Eagles fan Nadin Khoury's redeeming moment


  1. My mom used to live in Longview (now in Henderson)....also, didn't know anyone up this way who even knows where Willis, Texas is...LOL, much less grow up there! I know exactly where it is! Glad to hear Riley won, hoping they go all the way!

  2. oh yeah, Bastrop has both,,,DQ and Sonic....

  3. Go Ryley! Have fun on that 10 hour drive. :)



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