Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Housekeeping


I'm hoping you noticed the new look of the blog - and that you like it, of course!

I've been working on a design since December so it's nice to finally see it come together.  I wanted something fun but clean, crisp, and easy to navigate around.

And I think we got it!

Thanks to Katie at DreamUp Studios and Angi at Vessel Creations for helping take my words and translate them into what you see on the home page.

There will be more little changes happening here and there over the next couple of weeks (like actually seeing something when you click the tabs on the navigation bar!) so keep checking in to see what's new.

I also opened a Twitter account but have yet to "tweet" anything.  I'm waiting for a burst of creative inspiration for my Twitter debut, which means it may never happen!

Now, yesterday's post had this inspiring video from American Idol that I found on youtube.  You might have noticed that when you click on it, a message comes up stating that I've broken numerous copyright laws and have been hauled off to jail.

OK, it doesn't exactly say that but it's pretty threatening.

To clarify, I didn't record the illegal video.  I just shared it with all of you.

Which, I guess means that in a round-about way, I supported the illegal recording of copyrighted material.  And for that I sincerely apologize and have now taken to wearing a disguise when I enter the post office just in case my photo is on any Most Wanted posters.

So if you missed the chance to watch the pirated video, you can search youtube for Chris Medina and choose from one of several low quality videos in which people actually recorded their television screens.

It's still a wonderful story and worth seeing.

Lastly, Sunday, February 13th is Wall Breakers Sunday at church.  Ryan's book "Walls" will be officially released and available in the church lobby and several of the families featured in the book will be sharing their stories.  It's going to be a fun time of celebration - with cake! - so come say hi if you're anywhere near Austin.

Until tomorrow....



  1. I LOVE your new look! Seeing your "recipe" tab reminded me I still need to send you the teacake recipe. It's on its way as soon as I get it from mom. :)

    Excited about Ryan's new book. Carson is being dedicated that Sunday too!

  2. Dedicating Carson will be the icing on the cake! :)


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