Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Five Favorites - Summer Shoes


Today's post has absolutely not one single thing to do with special needs.

But sometimes, a blogger just needs to take a minute to address really important issues when they surface.  Those things that have a significant impact on our culture today.  Those topics that really say something about society as a whole.

Things like... shoes.

Easter has come and gone.  Which for us true Southern belles means we can now safely wear our white pants.

And I got a pedicure week before last.

So Easter + pedicure = summer shoes!

Here are five of my favorite summer shoes.  Or, to clarify, my five favorites at this moment.  Who knows what next month will bring?

First, for the ridiculously expensive - the Donald J Pliner Fifi sandal:

Donald Pliner Fifi Sandals

They even have a ridiculously expensive name.  Fifi.  Really?

I've had my eye on the black or bronze pair for three summers now but just can't bring myself to pay $160 for a pair of what are basically glorified flip-flops.  I mean, do you know how many hours of speech therapy that would pay for?  Oh wait.  On second thought, that's only about one hour of therapy so not such a great comparison.  Never mind.  Does it make them worth the price if I said they would be for church?  Didn't think so.

Next up - the Sam Edelman Gigi sandal:

OK.  What is it with me and ridiculous sandal names?  Fifi.  Gigi.  Sounds more like names of poodles.

Any-who, I wanted these last summer but again, the price is just more than I really want to spend for so little shoe.  $65 for a pair of boots or running shoes?  Yes.  $65 for tiny little strips of leather and a sole? Not so much.

For those days when the pedicure is not looking so hot, how about these cute little French tennis flats:

Just so you know, I feel about one hundred times hipper just saying "French tennis flats".  And also?  That's elastique on the top of them, not to be confused with elastic.  I love the colors and the ease of just slipping them on when you're running out the door.  But alas, my refined taste once again exceeds my budget.  These cute things are about $55 a pair.

OK, y'all ready for this?

Red. Polka dots.  $40 at Macy's.  Come on.  Do I really need to say more?

But, truth be told, I spend the bulk of my summer in flip-flops.  Granted, they are leather flip-flops which makes them as nice as flip-flops can be.  And my all-time favorites are Reef Uptowns:
Reef Women's Leather Uptown Sandals
Not the prettiest shoe around.  No elastique.  Or polka dots.  Or ridiculous poodle-y sounding name.   Just good old comfortable shoes that I can say have lasted me three summers now.  Coming in at around $35, that's a pretty good price per wear average.

So what about you?  Are you thinking about summer shoes or is it still cold where you are?  Got your eye on something cute for summer?  Do share!  Because honestly - is there really any lady out there who doesn't love shoes?


  1. I LOVE shoes! I woman simply cannot have enough shoes! This is my topic! :-)

    I really like those with the polka dots you posted. So cute, they literally scream "summer"! And also the Fifi ones. Quite fancy!

    Here it is still cold and rainy, this is why I just bought a pair of really cool boots some days ago. But I am also looking for some comfy slippers for summer as well.

  2. I bought two pairs (on sale, of course!) about two weeks ago. I could hardly wait to find my "summer shoes!"

  3. Ok, when I saw the title to this post, I thought for sure Espy was going to be your guest blogger -- that is a girl that appreciates shoes like no other I've ever known!

    But I must also add -- you have realllllly good taste in shoes my friend! I'm all over that Cadillac taste on a beater budget!

    As a numbers gal though, if you wore those FiFi's for just 4.5 summers @ $35/summer, you could totally justify that $165!!! And if you happen to be a size 8, I'd be happy to take them off of your hands in 5 years! I mean, what are good friends for???

  4. Oh, it's not quite warm enough here in Ireland to contemplate white trouers and summer shoes! Love your choices though :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Love them all! Im a flip flop girl, love the ones from Land's End.

  6. Between books and shoes, we ladies sure do have a lot in common. I already knew there were several reasons I love my followers, and now I can add "shoe love" to the list! :)

    By the way, my mom informed me that the first pair borders just a little on the "more mature woman" side (in her opinion) so I'm thinking that pretty much eliminates them from the bunch. I don't need old lady shoes to go with the lovely spider veins three pregnancies have left me with.


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