Friday, April 26, 2013

Are You a "Word Nerd"?

I don't know about you but I love words.

There's just so many ways to enjoy words:  reading, speaking, writing, listening, singing.

I love how different words mean different things depending on where you live.  For example, "boot" in England means the trunk of a car while in Texas, it's pretty much required footwear.  In the UK, "bum" is a polite way of saying "booty" and in the US, it's a vagrant or someone who's lazy.

I love listening to different dialects.

And finding that perfect word at just the right moment?  There's something so satisfying about it.

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So it may come as no surprise that I'm a total sucker for almost any type of quiz that tests my vocabulary.  Somehow, if I'm doing an online vocabulary quiz, it feels so much more productive than browsing Facebook or Pinterest.  I mean, I'm engaging in lifelong learning, am I right??

If you happen to share my love of words, then you might enjoy the following websites:  For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Program to help end hunger.  Also, each correct answer leads to progressively more difficult words.  Feeding hungry people while testing your vocabulary?  A total win. Word challenges complete with Leaderboards if you want to get real serious.

Merriam-Webster Online has several fun word games -

Vocabulary Quiz

Name That Thing - a visual vocab quiz

Spell It

True or False

Looking for more word fun?

Click here to discover the most annoying words of 2012 according to the Marist Poll.

And here are the 10 Best Words the Internet has Given English.

image via Busy Teacher

Have a happy weekend, friends - and thanks for reading all my words!


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  2. I swear, if we lived anywhere near the same vicinity, we would be complete and total besties (to use a word that is not really a word but gets used as one anyway) ;) Love this post and the little quizzes? I am so going to be spending an embarrassing amount of time taking those.

    1. Maybe I'll see your name on the leader boards, bestie! :)

  3. I think you just killed my Friday night! I can't wait to try these sites. I am a huge book and word junkie. Right now I have 3 books on my nightstand that I'm hopping between, a crossword puzzle book on top of those, and 8 books on my dressed waiting. And don't get me started with what I have stored in the Kindle app on Matt's iPad!

    1. Happy to help with your weekend entertainment, Brandi!

  4. So are you like me and really good at crosswords? I detest grammar but do love vocabulary and the geography of languages.

    1. Not so much a fan of grammar because I'm always second guessing myself - colon or semi-colon? Comma or no comma? Stressful. And crosswords? Sometimes. I have to admit that I'm not willing to put a whole lot of effort into them - if the word doesn't pop into my head in 30 seconds or so, I move on to the next clue. Lots of half-finished crosswords around here... :)

  5. I'm no good at quizzes - wordy and not so wordy ones!
    I do like words though and have found through blogging that I like to write. I like how sentences come together in my head, sometimes, and I have to jot them down quickly or they'll fritter away in the wind....

    xx Jazzy


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