Friday, November 16, 2012

Friendly Friday

Remember when we did Talk to Me Tuesday?

Well, just for a little fun before the weekend, let's bring that back again, ok?

First, a quick refresher on the rules:

I'm going to ask you two totally unrelated questions.  And then you're going to leave a comment with your answers to my two questions.

OK?  OK!

Here we go:

Question One:

What is something you have done lately that proves you are now officially a grown-up?

I cooked brussels sprouts and cabbage, two vegetables I have always despised, and I actually liked them!  Especially the cabbage.  I'm a big girl now!

Want the recipes? 

Quick note here - you may be thinking that you don't like either of these veggies but let me just say one small word to you:  Bacon.  Both recipes contain bacon.  And bacon makes everything better.  Even cabbage and brussels sprouts.

Question Two:

What are some of your favorite shows on television right now?

Blue Bloods
Duck Dynasty

Which reminds me - is anyone watching the show Elementary?  I've missed the beginning shows and I won't watch anything out of order but it looks pretty good.

While this isn't a TV show, I love NPR's This American Life.  And there's an app for it so you can listen to any of the archived shows.  Makes me so happy.

Now it's your turn.

Tell me all about what a grown-up, television watching person you are.

And have a joy-filled weekend, my friends.


  1. 1) I attended my high school reunion - won't say what year! - and looked at MANY pictures of grandchildren - which made me feel like I'm now officially a grown up whether I like it or not! (By the way, Lana, the Huntsville Hornets beat the Willis Wildkats.)

    2) Love the TV show Elementary - check it out. Also enjoy Parenthood ... and Person of Interest. For fun, Heart of Dixie and Big Bang Theory (though don't agree with some of the values represented in the shows).

  2. 1) We started making our own chicken broth. I'm not grown up enough to touch the whole bird though. That's hubby's job. So that makes him real grown up.

    2) I love 19 Kids and Counting. Season finale was 2 weeks ago. Your post also reminded me to set the dvr to record Little People Big World. I'm jazzed that the show is back on.

    --Candace R

  3. 1) I don't wanna grow up - I'm a Toys R Us Kid!!! I've been dancing around in a Christmas tree costume lately, so many would argue my adult status anyway.
    2) Touch, Criminal Minds, Parenthood (though I'm behind bc I watch it on Netflix)

  4. Howdy! Tough questions, dear Lana... tough questions!

    1) I started cooking more for my family (it was out of necessity... but I really did covet my dinners out!)

    2) We only get two channels in this house... ESPN and Disney Jr. For favorite TV shows, you will have to talk to those who control viewing of said two channels ;-)

  5. This is so fun...

    1) I am a grown up now because I have two wonderful grandchildren.

    2) Survivor, Project Runway, and Dancing with the Stars.

  6. 1) I am not grown up yet, so I cannot answer this one... and

    2) House Hunters International! It shows me the world without ever leaving my home. :)

    Fun idea!

  7. Howdy! I found you via your interview on Notes From a Pediatric OT. I'll play.

    Something I've Done Recently That Made Me Feel Grown Up (besides making every word in that sentence start with a capital letter). Sorry, I got nothing to compete with brussels sprouts (which I actually have always loved) and cabbage (which has always been another favorite). I guess read bedtime stories and told my son with a straight face to go to sleep because he wasn't getting any superpowers tonight.

    TV shows
    I don't watch TV. At all. For awhile, I was keeping up with the PBS documentary Circus on the internet, but that's the best I can do. But since you included radio, I'll go with

    Wait wait, Don't tell me

    And on the internet, I watch Geek and Sundry, so I keep up with Felicia Day's Flog and the show Tabletop. (I'm less religious about The Guild, even though that's where it all started.)


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