Monday, February 20, 2012

Birdie Boot Camp - A Fail and a Win

Around the Rush house, we're still "learning to play", aka Birdie Boot Camp.  

This past Saturday, I decided to have Lily try painting with water.  

Simple.  Not much ahead of time prep needed from me.  And not all that messy.

And according to the Bird, not all that exciting, either.  

I think you can tell from the picture below that this was a total fail.

Next up on the agenda:  play-doh.  

This was more successful.  As long as Ryan and I were right there beside her, rolling out the dough, and demonstrating how to work the squeezy tool, she was game to play along. 

After watching me fill the compartments of an ice cube tray with little blobs of dough, she copied me and did it herself.  Good ol' modeling behavior at work... 

As is typical for Lily, she did "taste test" the play-doh a couple of times.  Then I had a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself!) and started giving her spoonfuls of crushed ice.  As long as I kept spooning that ice in, she kept playing with that play-doh rather than trying to eat it.

Then Ryan had to show off his mad play-doh skills and he fashioned a rough sculpture of Moses holding the Ten Commandments.

Or maybe it's Darth Vader.  Take your pick.


  1. The water colors were always a bust for me too when I was a kid! Did you actually like painting like that? Girl - get out those finger paints! I'm sure Lily would have a BLAST with that kind of sensory input - who doesn't love some finger painting? Even the regular old paint in the can stuff is fun!

    I did see this photo over the weekend. I asked Tootles to guess. He said Jonah but he will say Jonah to anything... If you are asking me? Uh - um... Darth Vadar on a drunken binge, holding a bottle... my bad!

    Maybe with a little fingerpainting Ryan can give us something else to guess? ;)

    1. I guess I didn't really like those paint with water things, either. I think I was just trying to take the easy way out. We'll definitely be trying finger painting soon! And tell Tootles Jonah was an awesome guess! Which reminds me - did you ever tell us what the picture was on T's homework? The seemingly unclothed man behind some shrubbery?? Just curious....

  2. My vote is still on swamp thing!

    I've seen a few edible play doh recipes on Pinterest - one uses lemon juice instead of cream of tartar to make the dough... Check out the SPD Blogger Network play-doh recipes board ( - I think it's under "herbal play-doh" orseomthing like that :-)

    1. Will check out the edible play-doh. At least I'll know exactly what she's consuming...

      And Swamp Thing was definitely a good guess.

  3. Replies
    1. A new character, perhaps? May the commandments be with you...

  4. Moses or Darth Vader. That cracks me up. We've been watching a lot of Ningago and it looks like one of the Lego characters.....

    1. Haven't seen a Lego character. Maybe the sculpture is like modern art - it is whatever you see in it. Or some such thing like that...

  5. I was guessing that it was a golem (

    We tried to do an "art day" here for president's day weekend (or washington/lincoln day if you're from utah). The best result we got was interacting with each other and a magna-doodle. Ben talked a bunch about hearts (valentine-style) and circles and squares. He independently drew a banana shape and showed it off to me (I had to quiz his brother to see if he'd had any help). water stuff never works for us.

  6. Jon - Golem is a new one for me.... Water stuff is usually a big hit around here BUT that's only if she can actually immerse herself in it. Painting with water? What's the point??

  7. All I can say is that Lily is terribly cute and it's Darth Vadar! You have some budding artists on your hands!

    xx Jazzy


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