Friday, September 20, 2013

Keeping Up With "The Blogs" (or using a blog reader) - Plus a Few Surprises

This week, I shared with you my five favorite blogs that have nothing to do with special needs.  Those five help me find something to wear, my next good book, a new snack for the Bird's lunch box, and other fun stuff.  I also tend to read quite a few Christian blogs, as well as special needs ones, of course.

Since life happens and things get crazy, weeks can go by before I have a chance to check in and see what I've missed on my favorite blogs and then it's almost too much to read.

One way I've tried to combat this is by adding a blog reader to my phone.

No, this is not someone who reads blogs aloud to me through my phone.

A blog reader is a free and simple way to keep track of when your favorite blogs have a new post up.  With a blog reader, you don't have to keep checking each individual blog to see if there's something new;  the link simply comes to you, in whichever inbox you choose, like email or phone alert.

Feedly and bloglovin' are probably the most popular blog readers.  I myself use bloglovin'.  I especially like using the bloglovin' mobile app because whenever I find myself with a few free minutes, I can open it up on my phone and see a list of all my favorite blogs and any posts I haven't read yet.  It's an easy way to stay caught up.

If I've convinced you to give a blog reader a try, I hope that you'll add Along Came the Bird to your list of blogs to follow.

In fact, see those cute little red buttons on the top right of this page?  If you click on the one of a lowercase "b"with a heart beside it, you'll be taken directly to the link to follow my blog on your bloglovin' account.  Easy as pie.

And speaking of those cute little red buttons up there, did you happen to notice there are a few more of them than usual?  By clicking any one of them, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and bloglovin'.  Or you can shoot me an email or subscribe via Feedburner.

Another surprise?  You can now subscribe to Along Came the Bird via email.  Just find "Get The Bird In Your Box" over there on the right side column, click on subscribe and enter your email address. Anytime I post something new on the blog, it will come right to your email inbox. Also easy as pie.

I will periodically send out newsletters that you will only receive if you are on my subscriber list.  The newsletter content will not show up on the blog so not only do you get an email anytime I put up a new blog post, you also get a happy little bonus every now and then, just for subscribing.  Just a small way to thank you for following The Bird.

So do any of you use blog readers? If so, which ones?

I'll see you Tuesday - and don't forget to subscribe!

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  1. I've never tried bloglovin' - I switched to Feedly after Google Reader closed, and I do quite like it. I follow a lot of blogs (including Along Came The Bird :)!), but I've only just started blogging myself.

  2. I never used google reader so this whole thing is quite new to me. Really, I just pretty much flipped a coin between Feedly and Bloglovin'. :) I visited your blog and especially enjoyed your 24 Questions post. It was a great introduction to you. Welcome to the world of blogging - I look forward to catching up with you!


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