Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Birthday Bird - The Big "7"

Lily Bird turned seven years old on Saturday, September 21.  The weather was absolutely beautiful so we headed to San Antonio to celebrate.  We spent the day at Morgan's Wonderland, an amazing amusement park that was designed specifically with special needs individuals in mind.    

Lily loved it!  She went running right through the gates, straight to the playground, and started climbing and sliding and swinging like a total boss.

I thought you might enjoy getting a little peek at her fun day.

I even got a couple shots of Reagan working the tire swings.  Proof that Morgan's Wonderland really is fun for everyone.

Now that the weather is finally getting a little cooler, we plan to visit several more times.  It's just too close to home and Bird just has too much fun to not go more often.

What have been some of your child's best birthday experiences?  I'd love to hear more great ideas!

See you Friday, sweet readers.


  1. First off - Happy Birthday to The Bird! She looks like the happiest girl on the planet! And that park? It seems like a wonderland!

    We tend not to do a whole lot for Little Miss's birthdays -- other than invite the grandparents and have some cake -- but LM *LOVES* her grandparents so low-key is a total win for us :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Lily! She's getting so big and is gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful day. xo


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