Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Resources for Talking About Sandy Hook and Other Tragedies

On Saturday, I shared a beautiful prayer written by Max Lucado in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Today, I wanted to offer some resources for those people struggling with the eternal question of why God allows evil things to happen.

First, a video from the Spirited Debate segment on Fox News.  The two guests featured on the program happen to be people our family personally knows and deeply respects.

The first guest, Johnnie Moore, is the Vice President for Executive Projects at Liberty University, where my oldest daughter goes to college.

And the second guest is Will Davis, Jr, the pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship.  We've known Will for almost 20 years now and he is responsible for organizing two (so far!) prayer times for our sweet Lily Bird.  So it goes without saying that I love him to pieces.

Click here to view the video.

Will's wife, Susie, has a personal connection to the tragedy of a school shooting in that she herself witnessed one as a child 30 years ago.  Her blog post, "How to Help in Times Like These: School Shooting" is a personal testimony of hope in the midst of fear.  Click here to read it.

For those of you with children who have questions that you aren't sure how to answer, my husband wrote a very helpful blog post titled "Talking to Kids about Connecticut".  Click here to read it.

My sweet readers, I am praying this week that you see God in ways you never imagined.  In places you never expected.  And that you will be forever changed.


  1. Thanks for sharing Lana. Excellent resources for anyone dealing with tragedy in their lives.

  2. Loved how Ryan read the prayer during the SCT. He did such a good job that night. I was proud. Proud of him, proud of you, for loving our saviour so dearly. You guys give me hope. Thank you for always shining the light of Jesus, my friend. I needed it last week, and there it was at BBC.


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