Friday, December 21, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness - Are You In?

Have you heard about the "26 Acts of Kindness" campaign that's sweeping the nation, and now, the world?

The idea was started by Ann Curry of the Today show in an effort to find some way to honor those who lost their lives in the Newtown shooting.  She took to social media and tweeted this:

Tens of thousands of people responded and the movement began, expanding to 26 Acts of Kindness to include the 20 children and the six teachers who died at Sandy Hook.

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The Rush Family is all in.  I have had a total blast carrying out these acts of kindness to random strangers.

Here's what we've done so far:

1.  Bought coffee for the person in line behind us at the Starbuck's drive-thru
2.  Tipped the Starbucks guy working the drive-thru
3.  Gave a $10 Target gift card to a young family going in to shop
4.  Gave a bag of M&M's to our mailman
5.  Left a bag of M&M's on a neighbor's door
6.  Shared news of a free app for Sandy Hook on Twitter & Facebook
7.  Gave a little bonus to one of Lily's favorite aides at her school

Along with these surprise gifts, I am handing off a card that says this:

26 Acts of Kindness
In honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims
YOU are the recipient of #___ in honor of ____________________.
 I insert the act # and the name & age of the victim in the blanks 
Share what was done for you and what you have done for others on
Twitter #26acts and
Pass It On!

I cannot tell you how much fun I've had looking for unsuspecting people to bless with a little extra kindness. 

Want to get involved?

Here's a slideshow full of easy ideas to get you started.

Need more ideas?  How about these?

Random Acts of Sunshine - Light up Someone’s Day!
by Sunny Side of the Street on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 2:03pm ·

This holiday season, help make the world shine a little brighter by performing Random Acts of Sunshine. Light up someone's day using the ideas below, or post your own!

1) Call family members just to say hello and you love them!
2) Tape coins to vending machines and bubblegum machines
3) Fill up someone’s gas tank
4) Buy coffee for stranger at Starbucks
5) Tape candy canes and holiday notes to ATM machines
6) Buy a hot cocoa or latte for Salvation Army bell ringers
7) Leave holiday notes with inspiring and encouraging messages in random places for people to find
8) Give a gift bag of food/drink and a blanket to a homeless person
9) Hot coffee/cocoa to someone waiting for a bus
10) Help someone put their groceries in their car
11) Pass out candy canes to folks standing in line at the post office
12) Buy lunch for the car behind you in a drive-thru
13) Take presents to hard-working post office employees
14) Sweep or shovel snow from a neighbor’s porch and driveway
15) Leave an anonymous encouraging message using sidewalk chalk in a neighbor’s driveway
16) Hide money & holiday notes inside books in the Children’s section at the library
17) Drop by your doctor or dentist offices with some treats and holiday notes
18) Leave basket of Christmas gifts on doorstep of a family that needs it
19) Bake and deliver Christmas cookies & bread to the police department
20) Bring hot coffee/cocoa to construction workers outside in the cold weather
21) Find an assisted living facility and see how you can spread some cheer
22) Leave small Christmas treats/gifts in shopping carts for folks to find
23) Find an elderly neighbor that is living alone and bring them dinner
24) Deliver something special to folks who are working and/or recovering at local hospital

If you decide to participate in 26 Acts of Kindness, I'd love to hear about it.

Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet readers. Now get out there and be a blessing to someone!  It's the best way to heal your own heart, too.

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  1. Thank you for posting this Lana! I posted the general idea on my own FB page as well to let others know. I am in! What a wonderful way to honor these children and adults. I love doing things like this. As Christians, we should be doing things like this all the time.


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