Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's in YOUR nose?

Let's play a little word association game.




Lily Bird.

What do these things have in common?

Well, the paper and fabric are items that have recently been removed by an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.... not once, but twice... from Lily Bird's nose.  

Yes, my daughter has discovered her nose.  

Or rather, the holes in her nose.

And like a little chipmunk filling his cheeks with seeds, she is stuffing her nose with tiny little things.

I can't help but think of those disaster supply kits that we're all supposed to have at the ready in case of an emergency.  While most of us would probably store our materials in a box or tote bag, evidently, the Bird thinks her nose is a handier spot.

I must admit, in the case of emergency, odds are very good I won't be leaving the house without my nose.

But the problem with using your nose for storage?

After a couple of days, one begins to emit a certain... ahem... odor.

Kind of a cross between a sicky-sweet stink.

I like to call it, Eau de Rot.

When I start to catch a whiff of that particular fragrance, I know without a doubt that Lily has something stuck up her nose.

Unfortunately, both times, the objects have been too far up Lily's nose for Ryan or I to remove ourselves.  

But I've watched the ENT pretty dog-gone closely at these past two visits and I'm fairly certain that I could do the procedure now.

So I am hereby issuing fair warning:

Lily Bird, if you stick something up your nose yet again, I'm coming for you, girl.

And there won't be any lollipops when it's over, young lady.


  1. Oh Wow! I hope Ella doesn't start doing that! So far she still has major sensory issues with her nose - she doesn't want anyone/anything touching it. It's hard enough to clean her nose when we need to.

    1. See, Debbie? I just pointed out a reason you should be glad Ella still has "nose sensory issues"! Happy I could help out! :)

      BTW - I've missed you! Just read your post about Ella and the muffin - AWESOME!

  2. Oh, Lana!! I just laughed until tears began to stream down my face!!! (sorry, but that last picture and threat just did me in!)

    She seriously thought about shoving a marshmallow up there on Sunday, but decided that it was better used for immediate consumption instead of long-term storage (this time!)

    Keep laughing, my friend!

    1. Well, those were jumbo marshmallows. Just keep her away from the mini ones! :)

  3. Well, you made me chuckle and that has been hard to do lately so kudos! And by the way, thanks for the pep talk on my last post. I love having other SN moms back me up because they totally know from experience (even if it's of a different sort) what I am going through. :)

    1. Glad I could make you smile, Miss Joanna! Praying for you....

  4. That is so funny!
    My mother used to drop me off at a friends' house, when I was younger, and she'd always say, "Have fun! And, don't put beans up your nose!" Then, she'd drive off. It's a fond memory I'll have forever.
    Apparently, the story goes, she had a friend who shoved a bean up her nose and, according to my mother, it sprouted!
    Think about it: A nose is dark, warm, and moist.... I guess anything's possible!


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