Friday, January 25, 2013

The Big Reveal

Remember in Tuesday's post when I told you about the cleaning I was doing to get ready for a special guest?

And that I couldn't tell you who the guest was?

Well, the wait is over!

Meet our special guest and the Rush Family's newest adventure:

This is Prada.

She is a 5 1/2 month old female German Shepherd.  

Though we did not choose her name, we think it suits her perfectly.  Why?  Because Prada is a very fancy-schmancy fashion design label.  And our Prada's bloodline is also very fancy-schmancy.  In fact, I'm pretty sure if you put her family tree up next to mine, she would win hands down.  There's quite a bit of redneck in my bloodline.

Now, I'll be honest here.  I really dragged my feet on this.  

First, I have enough to do just taking care of my family that I really didn't think I could add a dog to the mix.

And second, I've always thought dogs are perfectly great - outside.  Not in my house.

But when a sweet family (who breeds and shows German Shepherds) told us how great they thought Prada would be for our Lily Bird, we started thinking about it.  Praying about it.  Reading.  Researching.  Watching I don't know how many youtube videos of German Shepherds.  Seeing how smart they are.  How protective they are.  And how they interact with special needs kids.

So we finally decided to take the leap.

And a leap it is.  

Y'all, this dog is in my house.  And yes, she sheds.  And yes, I am not a fan of dog hair.  And I am hyper-sensitive to smells and I do not want my house to smell like a dog lives here.  

I have been cleaning like a madwoman in anticipation of the dog's arrival.  Can you please tell me what kind of crazy woman cleans frantically before getting an indoor dog?  And can you imagine what it will be like once Prada's here for good?

Lord have mercy.

Ryan bought a crate, a dog bed, food, bowls, collars, leashes, and all that great doggie stuff.

My first dog purchase?

A Roomba.

But I'll tell you what... if Lily Bird and this dog bond and Prada becomes Lily's shadow and loves her and watches out for her and helps us keep her safe, then I'll put up with a little dog hair.

Oh.  OK.  A lot of dog hair.

We just brought Prada home today so I'm sure Tuesday's post will have a mention or two of our first weekend with our new arrival.  And pictures.  So come back and check on us, ok?  

Have an amazing weekend, sweet friends!


  1. I predict Prada will become Miss Lily Bird's best friend in no time!

  2. She is absolutely PRESH!!! AndI love the one ear on full alert while the other is all chilled out looking!!! (thinking she's sorting you out as well)
    I am so proud of you for stepping WAY out of your comfort zone with this trial run - plus this got you a fantastic toy out of this deal too!! (Roomba)
    Can't wait to hear how Lily responds to her - of course saying that Reagan shares Prada with her - haha!

  3. You're crafty, right? Just collect the hair and make a dog hair sweater out of it! Hope Prada is a good fit!

  4. I am dieing to see how this goes. I have a grand scheme in my mind that after some of our aging feline companions make their way to the rainbow bridge, Little Miss may need a canine companion. Please keep us posted!

  5. This is awesome and crazy and awesome.

  6. We have two dogs and love our roomba! Just don't forget to clean the brushes periodically. The tools it comes with makes it pretty quick and painless. Enjoy your puppy and the roomba :)

  7. Rejoicing with you over BOTH Prada AND roomba!

  8. She is SO cute! Happy for you! Hope it will all turn out as expected! xo

  9. She is Super Cute !!, We have Gilligan Peanut LOVES gilligan, Feeds him , walks him ( with my help). Lucky for us he goes not shed just chews alot

  10. Ahhh she's soooo cute! How wonderful for Lily!

  11. Thanks to all of you for your kind words! It's now been almost 24 hours and I think I'm going to make it! :) Currently, my Bath & Body Works Wallflowers are plugged in and pumping Warm Vanilla Sugar scent through my house and my Roomba is running around doing its wonderful thing. Prada has been simply amazing. I'll let you know how the weekend goes down on Tuesday!

  12. I saw her on Instagram! She is a beauty but like you - an indoor dog?! We lost ours when Toots was 3 and with it all the dog hair and pee accidents so I'm very hesitant to get another but wow. Can't wait to hear all about her tomorrow! (Keep goin' Roomba!!)


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