Friday, January 11, 2013

A Family Photo Adventure

Because I am a glutton for punishment, every couple of years, I like to get a family picture done.

 I always have visions in my head of those beautiful family portraits you see on Pinterest and professional photographer's websites where everyone is in coordinating colors and looks so happy to be part of their lovely family.

Well.... I got the coordinating colors part down.

The "everyone looking so happy to be there" part?  Not so much....

Can you figure out who looks like they'd rather be doing just about anything except taking pictures?

Here we are interrupting an important phone call, I guess.

I might smile but I won't open my eyes.  You can't have everything, lady.

How about open eyes but a little tongue action?

And now the pouty phone call.

More tongue.

Yet another phone call that just can't wait.

Fine.  You take my phone.  I look at the ground in a daze. Humph.

Taking pictures makes me feel barfy.

Can we PLEASE do something else?  Anything??  PLEASE???

Snuggling with Dad makes me feel a tiny bit better.  But I still won't smile.

Finally.  Walking to the car.

If picture time is done, I just might smile.  A teeny bit.

A little pensive but pleasant.

Oh Dad.  You're such a funny guy.

And now that we are really and truly done with picture time, I will give you one great big belly laugh.  Now let's get out of here.

In the past, with the magic of Photoshop, we can usually achieve one family photo.  I've decided to do something a little different this year and I'm really excited about it.

I saw this idea on Pinterest...

Five 15x30's. I love the look of this.

and I'm totally going to copy it.  Except I'm going to do three photos, one of each girl -  the belly laugh of Lily in the middle and and these two of my big girls on each side:



And my pictures will be hung over the mantel.  I'll be sure and show you the finished product.

Oh yeah.  We got a pretty good pic of mom and dad, too.

Ahhh.  Done for the next two years.

Side note here - We have an amazing photographer who has taken our last three sets of family portraits.  Elle is very patient and somehow manages to get good pictures without ever losing her cool.  I was honestly shocked this time that anything at all came out because Lily was mad from the moment we got out of the car.  If you're in the Austin area, I highly recommend Elle Mendenhall and here's where you can find her:


  1. I think they are all gorgeous! And I feel your pain trying to capture that "perfect" shot. Never happens here either and I swear The Toodle Bug is doing it on purpose because as soon she sees a camera, down goes her head. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I may just have to copy yours (and by the way, LOVE Pinterest) because it is a great idea.

    1. Isn't it crazy?? I swear Lily knows EXACTLY what we want her to do and she is just SO stubborn! And I don't think I follow you on Pinterest - going to see if I can find you now! :)

  2. Every single shot made me smile -- (Lily's "comments" totally cracked me up- and something tells me they are spot on as she IS kind of a Big Deal herself!!)

    You MUST include the shot of you and Ryan with the ones of the girls above the mantel too!!! It is utterly adorable and should be enjoyed by all who enter your home!!!

    I heart ya'lls boots - and clothing choices too!!! And just when I think your big girls can't get any more gorgeous... WOW!!

    Can't wait to see the wall! Thanks for keeping it REAL.

    1. My mom said the same thing - Ryan and I should be up there, too. I think I'll have to figure out some unique way to do it because I like the idea of the 3 pictures of the girls and my mantel space is not that large. I guess I should start looking at Pinterest again.... Sigh.... Sure hate to do that. Not. :)

  3. Loved ALL the pictures . . . will be anxiously awaiting the mantel masterpiece--great idea!

  4. Your whole family is gorgeous! And the photos of you are stunning!! Toots is just like Lily! If he has to pose, forget about it. If you catch him naturally being himself, he looks good. I love your idea about framing them together yet separately. Your whole family should be in the paper photos they put in the frames they sell in the stores! So photogenic!!

    1. Oh, you are making me blush, you're so sweet!

      Definitely natural is best. And she was being very natural that day - naturally stubborn! :) Some days are just that way, right??

      Wonder how much the pay is for those store frame models??? :)

  5. What a gorgeous family! All the pictures are beautiful! Also, I love the comment above about these pictures being put in frames at the store. :) I still remember the days when I would search through the frame section looking for the picture of you and Ryan!

    1. I had forgotten about our "frame modeling" days, until I read Karen's comment. :) Loved your Christmas card photo - you got some great pictures of your family, too!

  6. Beautiful shots, real and perfect xx love the canvas set up too .

    1. It's definitely real, that's for sure. And I'm excited about the canvas display since it's something I've never done before. Thanks for the comment! :)

  7. These are great photos! (I love your commentary!) And, I think the canvas idea is perfect! Please post a photo update on your mantel when it's all said and done.
    Much love to your whole gang!

    P.S. I believe all three of your girls are gorgeous! And, I'm really digging Reagan's bangs!!

    1. I'm pretty sure the commentary is accurate - although there might have been a few expletives here and there but I'm trying to keep it clean around here! :)

      I'll be sure and share the finished product!

      Tell your family hello from the Rushes. Sounds like y'all are settling in and getting in your "new groove". We'd love to see you....

  8. Love the photos! All of them...especially "comments" under Lily's!! ROFLOL! They are precious! You all taken amazing pictures and you have a gorgeous family to be proud of. What a memory maker! Keep up the good work!

    1. For a kid who can't yet talk, she makes her feelings pretty well known! Thanks for your sweet words, Teresa.

  9. Oh my goodness, AMAZING! I love them all :) I miss that smile of hers!


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