Friday, October 26, 2012

Have You Heard...

Here in Austin, one of our local high schools has a roadrunner as their mascot.  So it's not uncommon to see shirts with various "Bird" images on them.

Like this one:


So when I saw this one...

I knew we needed it for the Bird.  

I mean, really, doesn't this picture just instill fear in your heart?

Well, a few days ago, a sweet friend delivered a treat just for Lily Bird.  Come to find out, there is a new "Bird" phrase t-shirt at the high school this year.  But we think it's still quite appropriate for our Bird:   

Have you heard

Bird is the word

What do you think?  Just perfect, right?

Have yourself a merry little weekend, friends!

31 Days to Crazy Joy

October 1
1.  My laughing Lily Bird
2.  My new red loafers
3.  A great day at school for Lily

October 2
4.  Pumpkins
5.  A walk around Town Lake in the evening
6.  Overhearing my big girls laughing together while Face-Timing

October 3
7.  cozy naps
8.  Reagan's good idea turning into an exciting new project
9.  peas and cornbread

October 4
10.  homemade applesauce
11.  a new season of Sherlock on Netflix
12.  almost daily text photos of Ryley's "outfit of the day" for LU classes

October 5
13.  libraries full of free books
14.  booking Ryley's ticket home for Thanksgiving
15.  starting the Christmas planning lists

October 6
16.  hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows
17.  watching Ryan and Lily wrestling and hearing her girly squeals of delight
18.  a cute new purse - purchased by my mom

October 7
19.  boots
20.  after missing two weeks, getting to go to church
21.  rocking newborns in the church nursery

October 8
22.  a daughter who knits
23.  a helpful husband
24.  pajama days

October 9
25.  Parenthood - best show on TV
26. effective medication
27.  cooler temperatures

October 10
28.  Sonic ice
29.  watermelon - the Bird's current favorite treat
30.  mailing my first care package to Ryley

October 11
31.  the discovery of Duck Dynasty - and a brand new season just started!
32.  my monthly MOSK group - Mothers of Special (Needs) Kids
33.  new Christmas stockings for the whole family, handmade by Reagan

October 12
32.  a weekly delivery of free eggs from a sweet friend
33.  my crock-pot
34.  a beautiful front porch decorated for fall

October 13
35.  homemade spice tea
36.  organic honeycrisp apples
37.  The Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs

October 14
38.  hearing the words "Lily is rocking it today!"
39.  sweet buddies who volunteer to hang with Lily on Sunday mornings
40.  handing Lily a treat and hearing what sounds like "thank you" in her sweet voice

October 15
41.  gathering with my fellow pastors' wives to just relax 
42.  getting together with new friends and discovering what you have in common
43.  iPic movie theater - WOW!

October 16
44.  an amazing time of prayer for Lily with pastors from all over Austin
45.  the opportunity to teach One Thousand Gifts at a Ladies Retreat
46.  wearing a sweatshirt outside for the first time this year

October 17
47.  pulling something delicious from the freezer when I don't feel like cooking
48.  getting coupons to Barnes & Noble in my email inbox
49.  overnight oatmeal in the crockpot

October 18
50.  Discovering a new author
51.  Putting Reagan on an airplane for a "sister reunion"
52.  Seeing this on Facebook a few hours later:

October 19
53.  an unexpected date night due to the generosity of a sweet friend
54.  catching up with friends
55.  great  news from Lily's California doctor (more on this later)

October 20
56.  a good ARD meeting
57.  teachers who care about Lily and want to see her succeed
58.  a neighborhood wagon ride

October 21
59.  sleeping on freshly washed sheets
60.  Lily looking at storybooks
61.  seeing pictures of my big girls having a blast together in Virginia

October 22
62.  cousins
63.  Ann Voskamp's blog - A Holy Experience
64.  tweets that make me laugh out loud

October 23
65.  peppermint mochas from McDonald's
66.  answered prayers
67.  a new way of looking at a verse of Scripture I've known my whole life    

October 24
68.  getting comments on my blog posts  
69.  cheering for Lily Bird
70.  Skype conversations with Ryley

October 25
71. hearing Ann Voskamp's sweet voice introducing her 1000 Gifts DVD study - and inviting me to the farm!
Want to hear it yourself? Click here.
72.  an unexpected free day
73.  a clean car


  1. Adorable! How cool are those T-shirts that someone made especially for your Lily Bird without even knowing it? Found your blog at Love that Max! I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Excellent! Great T shirt, did a little bird tell you about it?!!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Love it! But you could put that little dolly in anything and it would be adorable!! Hope you have a delightful Halloween! :)

  4. Love both of the shirts and LOVE HER even more!! How cute does she look in her "personalized" shirts?! Precious.

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