Friday, October 12, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It's too bad we don't have much of an autumn in Texas because it's my all time favorite season.

I'm hoping to do a little porch decorating this weekend.  Something simple and sweet - a few pumpkins, some mums, and a wreath on the door.

I sent some little fall goodie bags to Lily's teachers and aides this morning:

My mom did something similar for her Bible Study friends and Ryley is making about 70 of them for the girls in her dorm hall.

If you'd like to treat someone special, here's what I did:

I made a big batch of this snack mix recipe.
I filled sandwich size baggies with the mix and sealed them closed.
Put a baggie inside the brown lunch bags, folded tops over, hole punched them, and threaded ribbon through to keep the bags closed.
Added this cute "Happy Fall Y'all" tag - but I think it goes without saying that you can only use these tags if you're from Texas!

 Looking for a few good Halloween ideas for the kiddos?  Well then, check these out:

One more thing - and this has nothing to do with fall.  For those of you following along on Ryley's feature writing journey for Liberty University Athletics, here's the link to her second published article, and my favorite one so far:

Lastly, my 31 Days to Crazy Joy continues:

October 1
1.  My laughing Lily Bird
2.  My new red loafers
3.  A great day at school for Lily

October 2
4.  Pumpkins
5.  A walk around Town Lake in the evening
6.  Overhearing my big girls laughing together while Face-Timing

October 3
7.  cozy naps
8.  Reagan's good idea turning into an exciting new project
9.  peas and cornbread

October 4
10.  homemade applesauce
11.  a new season of Sherlock on Netflix
12.  almost daily text photos of Ryley's "outfit of the day" for LU classes

October 5
13.  libraries full of free books
14.  booking Ryley's ticket home for Thanksgiving
15.  starting the Christmas planning lists

October 6
16.  hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows
17.  watching Ryan and Lily wrestling and hearing her girly squeals of delight
18.  a cute new purse - purchased by my mom

October 7
19.  boots
20.  after missing two weeks, getting to go to church
21.  rocking newborns in the church nursery

October 8
22.  a daughter who knits
23.  a helpful husband
24.  pajama days

October 9
25.  Parenthood - best show on TV
26. effective medication
27.  cooler temperatures

October 10
28.  Sonic ice
29.  watermelon - the Bird's current favorite treat
30.  mailing my first care package to Ryley

October 11
31.  the discovery of Duck Dynasty - and a brand new season just started!
32.  my monthly MOSK group - Mothers of Special (Needs) Kids
33.  new Christmas stockings for the whole family, handmade by Reagan

Hope you see a lovely weekend! 


  1. Love the cute gift bags! You are so thoughtful. What is Lily doing for Halloween? Is she dressing up and doing the door to door? Toots has swim lessons in the early evening so I'm not sure what we will do yet... He's never really been much into Trick-or-Treat. And yikes it's getting so close!! Just in case Lily wants to coordinate, Toots is thinking of being a shark. ;)

  2. Love these ideas and I totally plan to steal all of them. Yay and Thanks!!! =)

  3. If I send my address do I get one of those adorable goodie bags too? Seriously, Lana... you are like super-mom!


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