Friday, August 3, 2012

News You Can Use - Volume 4

Let's end the week with a round-up of some great discoveries from around the web.

I don't know what the temperatures are where you live but in Austin, it is still most definitely summer time.  Which means that while we may be buying school supplies, we're still searching for ways to keep cool.  Here are two links for some great DIY backyard water fun:

 "In-Sync Activity Cards: Simple, Fun Activities to Help Children Develop, Learn, and Grow!" is a fun new resource for special needs kids by the authors of Growing an In-Sync Child, Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman.  

Click here to read a short but helpful review of the cards by Elise from Raising Asperger's Kids.

Now. How about a little technology news?

Do you use Proloquo2Go?  Well, now there are two American genuine, natural-sounding children's voices available for the app.  You can choose between Josh and Ella.  Click here to watch a video on the making of the kid voices.

Need an easy way to stay on top of the constantly changing free apps available for limited times only? Well then, visit www.smartappsforkids which features a good free app of the day.  Even easier? Follow @smartapps4kids on Twitter.  Then download away!

And since we've been talking about PECS here lately, Brain Parade's See. Touch. Learn. is an app I'll be checking into when we're ready to once again try transitioning Lily from the actual picture cards to an electronic augmentative assistive communication device.  Anyone know anything about this?  Please share a comment!

Next, a little feel good news.  Have you met Valentina Guerrero?  No?  Well, allow me to introduce you.  Valentina is the cover girl for the Dolores Cortes Kids USA swimwear catalog.

And yes, Miss Valentina has Down's Syndrome, just in case you were wondering.  There's been some controversy over this, of course.  Sigh....  Ellen over at Love That Max wrote a very thoughtful post about it if you missed it.  But I for one think Valentina is perfect just the way she is.  And really, when you look this stinkin' cute...

 shouldn't you be a swimsuit cover model??  I say a resounding YES!

For you blogging parents out there, have you noticed my cute new Pinterest link board I have over there on the right hand column?  You can click on any of the six buttons and be taken directly to that particular Pinterest board of mine.  Well, if you like what you see, the lovely Rene of Bargain Hoot, can create one especially for your blog, too.  And for only $20 to boot!  Click here to get in on the fun!  And while you're there, take a little time to check out Bargain Hoot, a happy blog full of creative, money-saving ideas.

Last but not least, need a good laugh?  Then go visit or follow him on Twitter @honesttoddler.  You won't be sorry.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Dolores is a cutie! I like the water games and toys - they are great ideas!

    Thanks, Lana. You always know where to find the good stuff. Happy Weekend!

  2. Thank you for referencing my blog.

  3. Coolness! I had no idea Kranowitz was at it again -- with activity cards, no less! I might just need to get me a set :-)


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