Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day Photo Shoot

Here it is... the moment you've all been waiting for:

The First Day of Kindergarten Photo Shoot.

Featuring thoughts from our reluctant model.... Lily Bird!

"Mom said to hold this paper. Not sure why but... whatever."

"Ok, Ok, Dad.  I got this.  You can let go now."

"Ooooooo.... bendy"

"What does this say anyway?"

"Who cares if you can't read the paper? This is as good as you're gonna get, lady. Now snap the photo."

"What? It's Mom's first day of kindergarten, too??  Woo to the Hoo!"

"Aw, shucks.  I know I'm cute.  It's my cross to bear..."

"No matter how the day goes, at least I've got my cute shoes on."

"Wait just a doggone minute.  There's iPads at this class???"

"I just might like kindergarten after all."

 The general education kindergarten classroom door, with Lily's name on the far left purple crayon.

And a close-up:

The first day wouldn't be complete without a special treat for the teacher!

Want to make your own "apple for the teacher" treat?  It's super easy.  I got the original idea from the website Event Trender, I  just "cuted" it up a little.

Caramel Apple Dip:

8 oz. cream cheese, softened
15 oz tub caramel apple dip (I used Marzetti's brand)
Heath Bits 'O Brickle toffee bits 

Mix cream cheese and a nice big spoonful or two of caramel dip to a creamy consistency - and to your liking.  Add a few spoonfuls to a half-pint wide mouth mason jar and spread around the bottom.  Add a thin layer of plain caramel dip on top.  Finish with a sprinkling of toffee bits.  Close jar and slip into a clear cellophane bag.  Add a granny smith apple right on top.  Tie bag off with a cute ribbon.  Add a tag and you're set!

I got three good size servings of dip from this recipe.

And I downloaded the gift tag from Brown Paper Packages, a really lovely website with lots of fun things to browse.

I'll share more details Friday but Lily had a great first day of school.  Her teacher told me she wanted to do cartwheels it went so well! 

Lily came home ready to eat supper by 4, then she and I curled up to watch a little Backyardigans, and by 5:30, this was the scene in my house:

a totally wiped-out kiddo.

And if you want to know the truth, I won't be too far behind.  It's been quite the day.

Here's to a great year!


  1. Awww! What a day! So happy to hear it went well for you!

  2. Can one's face break from smiling so big?!?!?!? If so, someone call the dr!!!!!
    I am as proud as if she was my own!!! AND I am so proud of her mom and dad!!! It is obvious that your positive attitudes were contagious and the Bird caught a case of the excitedness too!!
    Praying that day two is just as wonderful for all.
    BTW - school IS hard work!! I crashed and burned early myself yesterday. :)

  3. So thankful that you and Lily had a wonderful day! I am not surprised that she was wiped out. Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are precious!:) I love how she sits with her legs crossed, what a lady!

  4. Precious memories!! Such a great picture for her first big day at school!! :) So glad you both had such a great day.

  5. Happy first day, Lily! And you too mom & dad :)

  6. I love the pictures!!! And how cute is she when she crosses her legs?? That is so great she had a great day, my heart could burst for you guys! And THANK YOU for sharing the recipe! Heavens to Betsy, I need to make some NOW!

    1. She has always crossed her legs - such a lady! :) Thanks for the comment, Kimberlee!

  7. From Mary Green - The picture of you and Lily together is absolutely adorable. Rejoicing with you over this TERRIFIC first day!

  8. Aww...this is fabulous news! Such great photos and really cute shoes! I loved the way she crossed her legs, looked so grown up! Great teacher present :-) The very best of luck to Lily in her new school.

    xx Jazzy

  9. The socks are adorable with the little shoes!! Lily is so beautiful! How are the little boys going to get any work done? Kindergarten is magical! And at the end of the day, you have a little sleeping beauty. Give her a big hug from me! PS- how's the new college student doing?

    1. I love lacy socks and my big girls nixed that a long time ago so it's fun to have one more chance with the Bird! And the new college student is doing awesome - having a blast, staying busy, and just so happy! Thanks for asking, Miss Karen! :)

  10. She is so cute! I love her pretty shoes and the way she crossed her legs! So excited for yall!

  11. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers! Hopefully, I'll have more good school news to share on Friday.

  12. Thats exactly how our photoshoot went too! and then zonked by 5pm. Love the crossed legs with the cute shoes!


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