Friday, April 17, 2015

In the News

A couple of months ago, I got an email from Katy Magazine, asking if they could do a story on Lily and I for their spring issue.

Now, for Lily, being a media figure is becoming quite common. When we lived in Austin, not only was her school featured in Austin Family magazine, Lily was the cover girl. Right after we moved to Katy, Texas Children's Hospital asked if they could photograph Lily and her neurologist for their website. And now, a story in Katy Magazine.

Just another day at the office for Bird.

And I'm just riding on her coattails.

I'm not going to try and act like I wasn't a little nervous about doing the interview.

But because God tends to take care of me in even the smallest ways, it turns out the writer assigned to our story is a member of Kingsland Baptist Church. Oh, you know. The same church we attend. The one where Ryan is the pastor.

And that's how I met Kelly Boldt.

Sweet Kelly, who asked a few questions and basically let me tell our story with all the words. And then she had to take all the words and condense them into less words. Much less words. I did not make her job easy.

The end result is a truly lovely article that is a beautiful reminder of the miracle that is Lily Bird.


  1. What a wonderful article! And what beautiful pictures of Lily (and her mom!). The paragraph of Ryan describing Lily's response to you in the ICU captures so well the bond you have. Though I've heard it before, it always moves me so deeply emotionally. I loved, too, the ending of the article illustrating how we relate to God - and the fact that you use the public forum given to you by Lily's "celebrity" to share about God's love.

    1. I got choked up reading Ryan's comment, too, Mary. It gets me every time! :)

  2. Such nice words and post. These are truly special children and they are a divine gift of God who gives an opportunity of communicating with God.


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