Thursday, April 23, 2015

Around the Web in Six Clicks

A round-up of random things that struck my fancy - enjoy!

A spelling quiz for my fellow word nerds - can you beat my 8 out of 10 score?

These six ingenious tech gadgets are designed with special needs parents in mind.

A quick and simple shortcut for making bulletproof coffee.

What a fun party idea!

An inexpensive way to keep your special needs kid safe and cozy overnight.

Your newest total waste of time. You're welcome.

And a bonus link just because I love you so much:
Makes me smile every single time I watch.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. We have the privacy pop tent for Matthew and it is awesome! I don't worry as much about him falling out of bed anymore.

    1. I love how it looks so easy to travel with! Folds up so small....

  2. I just love that idea of a book exchange party! How fun would that be???

  3. This is a awesome addictive google game. check here


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