Friday, May 17, 2013

"The Confessional - Edition Sleeping In"

So, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm trying to add a few new little features to the blog these days.

One that you might have noticed is "Five Favorites", in which I list five of my current favorite things.  You know, important things like special needs books, special diet cookbooks, and summer shoes.  OK, maybe not every five favorites post is filled with important stuff but you can certainly count on it to be filled with fun and hopefully helpful stuff.

The other feature I'd like to start is "The Confessional", in which we come clean about the areas of our lives that don't show up on Pinterest.  Or we bare it all about how hard raising a special needs child can be.  Or we rant and rave about important real-world issues, like why Chick-fil-a stopped making the Southwest Char-grilled Chicken Salad (I'm looking at you, Ashley!) or how hard it is to find good make-up once you hit the big 4-0.  Or the big 4-4, in my case.

I've got some other fun things in mind that I think you'll enjoy as well.

But I can't reveal them all at once.  Y'all would just die from the excitement.  I'm taking things slow for your health and safety.  You're welcome.

Sometime, I'd love to re-do the blog just a bit and add some tabs so you can easily access these new features.  But that's a project for another day.  Or never.  We'll see.

Any-who, here's the topic for today's "The Confessional - Edition Sleeping In".

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  Sometimes, I let my school-age child sleep in on school mornings.  Meaning they will be tardy for school.  And I don't really even care.

OK - I've only done this twice in an entire year of kindergarten.

Which I personally think deserves a medal of some kind but whatever.

Sometimes, our kiddos, special needs or not, just need a few extra zzzz's.  Maybe they had a hard time falling asleep and were still awake at midnight.  Maybe they had a rough night and woke up for a couple of hours and couldn't fall back asleep.  Or maybe they woke up at 5 AM in their cold and lonely bed, got into Mom and Dad's bed, and fell back asleep, all cozied up and snuggly.  And were sleeping so soundly and peacefully, you just couldn't bear to wake them up.  So you gave them an extra 30 minutes, understanding that one tardy is typically not the first step to more serious crimes.

Actually, I don't know that for sure.  I've never interviewed prisoners and asked them if their lives of crime all began with a single tardy in kindergarten.

Maybe it did.

But it's a risk I'm just going to take.

Every now and then.

Because really, what person couldn't excuse the occasional tardy from a kid this dang cute??

Now it's your turn.  Got a "sleeping in confession" of your own?  Do tell.  Your secret is safe here.


  1. Love it! I am still bummed about the dang salads. And I also confess that there is definitely an absence on the school record (gasp) because I wanted to let everyone sleep in and (probably even more so) I didn't want to go out in 27 degrees. =) It ended up being a great day, so no guilt here. I don't have many memories from childhood but one of my absolute favorites is the day we were getting ready for school and my mom was totally stressed out. She suddenly stopped us, told us to put on our bathing suits, and we spent the day at the beach instead. =)

  2. The top picture of Lily all snuggled in her bed is SO cute! Priceless moment.

  3. Some days I wake up and get ready to get the kids up for school then look at them, contemplate an issue that developed the evening before, and go back to bed. Homeschool is looking more and more promising for this household! :)

  4. Ain't she an angel in that sleeping picture?! Adorable!

  5. Hey There - just visiting for the first time via Love That Max and I love this post! Thanks for your honesty... it's a beautiful thing.

  6. Confessional, eh? Hmmm... No sleeping in ones since T likes to get me up early every day, but especially on the weekends. As for those pictures of that Lily Bird?! Priceless! She is so beautiful. xo

  7. Sleeping in can help everyone, not just the person who gets the extra sleep. There is the mom who has time for the extra cup of coffee. And there is the teacher/para/therapist who will have a child that is ready to work. There is a time and place for the "sleeping-in" and "mental-health" days - but when used they can set a positive tone for more than that day. Good for you Mom!

  8. Aw, so cute! My other always says that 'sleep is nourishment' and I believe she's right. Sleep is as important as food.

    My sleep-in confession? Well, I have to get up first, get the boy off to school on the bus. Driving him to the bus stop clad in pyjamas camouflaged with a fleece. Then I rush back, hubby just about to leave for work, grab a cup of tea and my book and hop back into bed! A read and a snooze then up again and dressed by 9.30 am :-) Bliss...

    xx Jazzy

  9. Oops..... 'my MOTHER' NOT 'other'!!

    xx Jazzy


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