Friday, May 3, 2013

Beyond the Sippie Cup

Lily has been using a traditional sippie cup for quite some time now.  

I've also known for quite some time now that she needs to start using a regular cup.

But since I spend a large part of my life trying to avoid unnecessary messes, I've been dragging my feet on this one.

 But it's time. 

Thanks to a sweet church member blessing us with a gift card, we had lunch at Saltgrass Steakhouse last week.

And Bird was only too happy to show off her cup skills.

Making sure that Dad is watching.

Feeling quite proud of herself.

Good to the last drop.

She thought she was such hot stuff.

So yeah.  I'm thinking it's probably time to loosen the reins just a bit and buy a few extra rolls of Bounty. 

At home, cleaning up spilled cups of juice won't be that big of a deal.  

But at school, cleaning up spills several times a day is going to get old pretty quick.

So I'm thinking of getting a couple of these awesome cups for Bird to use at school and church:

They're called Reflo Smart Cups and I think they're pretty genius.  It's a regular cup but with that snazzy little insert that just controls the flow so if the cup spills, it's not an instant gusher.  Click here to read more and watch a video about the Reflo cup.

Another good option is the Tervis tumbler that you see all over the place now.  We have a couple of the slightly smaller kid size cups like this:

And we use these travel lids that have an open/close slider for drinking...
as well as these thick, flexible straws:

It's funny how I can remember wondering if Lily Bird would ever learn to use a straw.  Or if she would ever be able to drink from a good old-fashioned cup without always pouring it all over herself.

And now that day has come.

It's the little things - little things, that in the life of a special needs parent, are actually big things.  

Can I get an amen?

Have a lovely weekend, my dear readers, and I'll see you Tuesday.


  1. Not a little thing at all my friend! All milestones and growth are H U G E and dare I say "HUGER" when you wondered IF it would happen as opposed to WHEN it would happen.

    Celebrating with you and Birdie big time!!! <3

  2. I am constantly amazed at what you are able to find for Lily to make her life easier. These cups would be great for any 1-3 year old as well! I know I would have loved to have access of these when my kiddos were young.

  3. That is AWESOME! I'm going to be a copy cat. Drinking from an open cup is one of our IEP goals. He does good at school, but like you, we don't love the idea of more seemingly unnecessary clean-ups. This is the perfect compromise!
    --Candace R

  4. Well done Lily... she IS hot!
    Can be hard to accept they're growing up, this I know ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. I remember when Luke was still in ECSE and would use different methods to drink everywhere - home, school, daycare. The end result was that we all thought he needed to work on different methods (cup, drinking fountain, straw) until we realized what was going on. The best we could come up with was that he must have thought that certain methods belonged in certain places. Or that at 4 he was smart enough to try to fool us!

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  7. Gosh, Lily is really getting to be such a young lady! Toots drinks from those cold Thermos cups with the lids that have the built in straws and ZooPals covered cups with straws. He's not as talented as Lily with the open cup. We still have a lot of spills, not with the drinking but just when we lull ourselves into a sense of everything being okay, he knocks over the cup... that's why Bounty is too expensive for us. I go for the Costco brand! ;)

  8. Hooray for Lily! I'm also a Mom who has a hard time "marrying" my "wish for independence" with my "allergy to cleaning up something every five minutes". My little man (who is 8 - almost 9) is visually impaired. We experience spilled cups frequently, especially since he wants to use the same items we do. Sports bottles work for us since they're appropriate for all ages. I like the options you found.

    Just a little note. When I checked out the Reflo cup ad (thinking it may be an option for us - and it still may be), the one thing that concerned me is that the reviews said it is easily cracked if it is dropped. The manufacturer confirmed this. It may cause some to reconsider spending their money on an item that is not sturdy enough to withstand the "love" from our special kiddos. I don't mean any disrespect Lana, I just wanted to share that. Forgive me if I'm out of line.

  9. We have a reflo cup and my three-year-old can't get enough of it, because she wants to be a big girl. It hasn't cracked yet, even after being dropped, so maybe we just got lucky. Love the blog!

  10. that's so awesome! I've never heard of those before - I'll have to look into them. Our son is about to be 3 and is doing well with spill proof straw cups by Tommee Tippee but they're expensive and the silicone parts wear out and I hope to be done with them some day, you know? I'm still not in a huge rush, but maybe we can try the reflo cup - he might surprise us. Grats on making that mile stone - that's so exciting! =D


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