Friday, February 15, 2013

Ideas for a Long Weekend

Sorry, Have a good weekend...
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Not only is it a holiday weekend, Austin is going to be blessed with a cold front.  Meaning us ladies have to take advantage of what will probably be our last good chance to wear those cute boots and sweaters before we pack them away for the coming heat.

Looking for a few things to do with that extra free day?

Well, you could...

Make a quick and yummy paleo dessert.

Organize your jewelry.

Get in some fun speech practice.

Make a Groovebook with all your iPhone photos - for free!

Start a journal - and here's a cute one to inspire you, for a good cause.

Listen to this song and get happy, happy, happy.

Treat yourself to a little something special from Erin Condren - and save $20.

Mix up some non-toxic craft supplies and get messy with the kids.

Read a good book.

Have a cozy weekend, sweet ones!

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