Monday, May 14, 2012

My Prom Pretties

This past weekend was a big one at the Rush house.

One word:  Prom.

My big girls go to a small private school.  In fact, Ryley will be one of five students in the first ever graduating class of 2012.  And this was the very first prom.

I think Ryan was a little surprised at all the commotion around the house, with both big girls preparing for the night.  I don't think he'd ever seen that many cosmetics, nail polishes, and hair products floating between the girls' jack and jill bath.  It was most impressive.

Here's our Ryley and her date, James - a young man the Rush family has known for years and loves so much, we'd adopt him in a minute!

And here's our Reagan and her date for the evening, Collin - one of her friends and a perfect gentleman we are just getting to know and love. 

Since the group was on the small side, prom was held on a boat that tooled around Town Lake, taking in all the lights of beautiful downtown Austin.  Well, it took in the lights once it got dark....

Here's the two couples boarding the boat:

Both girls had a great time.  I learned that you don't have to actually attend prom to be worn out by the end of the night.  And Ryan got a little taste of what planning weddings for three daughters will be like!


  1. Beautiful girls,beautiful dresses, and handsome dates. Looks like a perfect night!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! They look like Hollywood actresses!

  3. They look beautiful! I hope they had a good time!!!

  4. They are both lovely! Handsome dates too! It looks like they had fun. Some of my cousins went to a very small private Christian school. And they did very well. Their children attend the same school now.

  5. What gorgeous girls and their dates! I bet Ryan had a rude awakening...LOL! Just the beginning of "letting go" of his girls. I know you both are proud of them both. They look like they had a good time from their smiling faces. The dresses look beautiful.

  6. oh lord. . . coming so fast for me. . .

  7. Stunning those girls!! Just stunning! I wonder what Lily thought of all that...

  8. Your girls look gorgeous....and their dates too! Sounds like a very special Prom and the scenery is lovely.

    Over here we have a Debs dance in the last school year. You've just made me think ahead to that time. If my boy is half the gentleman those two young men above seem to be then I'll be happy!! He's already practicing his chat up lines on me. Suffice it to say he needs a LOT of practice!

    xx Jazzy

  9. Thanks for all your kind words, my friends! We're awfully proud of those big girls! :)


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