Monday, April 16, 2012

From the Archives...

Happy Monday!

I thought I would kick the week off with "a post from the past".  This particular post was not only here on Along Came the Bird but was also part of the "What I Want You to Know" series over at Rage Against the Minivan.

Click here to read Where's the Love?? from January 5, 2011.

Also, if you're taking part in the Ultimate Blog Party 2012, don't forget that tonight is the live Twitter party. Here are the details - check out those prizes!!!

The Twitter Party

This year’s #UBP12 Twitter party is being sponsored byAbingdon Press. They understand all about what us moms go through so we will be chatting with Judy Christie, author ofHurry Less Worry Less for Moms and talking about what our lives are like as busy moms.
During the Twitter party, we will be giving away 3 $100 Target gift cards, 10 signed copies of the Hurry Less Worry Less for Momsand the grand prize is a Nook Color!
Twitter Party Details:
What: Join @5minutesformom@abingdonpress@janicecroze@susancararetto and@judypchristie for the #UBP12 Twitter party
When: Mon April 16th from 9:00pm until 10:30pm Eastern RSVP HERE
Where: Follow the hashtag #UBP12 for all party tweets and prizing!
 I'll be there so if you want to follow along, my Twitter handle is @lanalrush.

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you re-posted! I loved the article. I'm usually shy and don't want to embarrass so I don't approach, but I think your idea is definitely better!

    Oh, I just posted my first "Therapy Secrets" post. Just updating you as promised.

    Have a lovely day!

    1. I think most of us are afraid we're going to offend someone if we offer help, but if someone gets offended by your kind offer, that's their problem, not yours!

      And thanks for letting me know about the "therapy secrets" post. I'll go read it of course, but will mention it to my readers as well!

  2. Enjoyed the archived post so much and I love how you helped! I would have done the same.

    1. Thank you! And I'm not one bit surprised you would've spoken up as well... :)


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