Monday, September 19, 2011

Think Outside the Cereal Box

Every school morning finds me up and packing lunches.

I think I come into contact with more food from 6:30 AM - 8 AM than I do the entire rest of the day.

I also have to move fairly quickly putting everything together because if the Bird comes wandering into the kitchen before I have the food tucked into lunchboxes and back on the pantry shelves, she decides that whatever she sees out is what she wants for breakfast.

I was moving a little slow a couple mornings last week and Lily made some interesting breakfast choices based on what was on my kitchen island.

For example, Wednesday morning, I was popping some popcorn to go in Reagan's lunch just as Lily came into the kitchen.  So for breakfast, Lily had a couple bites of a biscuit (the "planned" breakfast) and a whole bunch of popcorn.

Friday morning, Lily opened the fridge to get the juice out and spied my big glass bowl of Broccoli and Bow Ties, the entree I had made for lunch that day.  And of course, there was some popcorn out again since I was sending it as Lily's snack that day.

So guess what the Bird had for both breakfast and lunch?

You got it.

Broccoli and Bow Ties.... with a side of popcorn.

All three of my girls are different kinds of breakfast eaters:

Ryley would love to start each day with a traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon and some kind of bread item.  Reagan, on the other hand, is not at all hungry first thing in the morning so I usually send something for her to snack on around 9 or 10 AM. And Lily eats pretty much whatever she sees first thing in the morning, unless it's a day she's decided she no longer likes breakfast food and won't allow it to pass her lips.

That's when I get creative.

When the big girls were younger, I don't think I would've sent them out the door after eating popcorn for breakfast.  I mean, what would that say about me as mother?

My priorities have definitely shifted.  The goal is to get the kids fed, right?  So maybe they didn't have a traditional breakfast food.  At least they ate.  And I can feel good about that.

So, it's 7:30 AM as I wrap this up.  Who's up for a burrito?

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  1. Welcome to our house!! My husband's favorite breakfast? whatever is left over from dinner last night! It makes for some ridiculously stinky mornings (have you smelled leftover fish in the microwave at 7 AM?)

    And because leftovers are a way of life for the hubs, he happily feeds that to Little Miss - if she's willing to eat breakfast that day. Sigh. I never would have guessed that as a parent I would totally approve hot dogs and teddy grahams for breakfast... but hey... if it works... go with it!


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